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  • This is a simple message. I am creating this in the General Discussion simply for the fact that it might be viewed.

    During the weekend chat last night, there was mention of how the "chatguest" might be missing out on information that can help start them on their new journey. Often times the group who is participating selects a topic and discusses. Other times, the chat can be a simple banter between friends. The point that was made last night is this might not allow for the direct advice towards a "chatguest" that wants to learn more in real time about the struggles they or having. They may just be looking for tips as well. Two points were made in last nights chat about this topic.

    One, I assumed that if a "chatguest" had a question, they would refer to the forum board, here, for some searches and topics to browse.

    Two, I assumed that if a "chatguest"had a question, they would create a free, very easy to set up, user profile which would allow them to participate in the chat and ask their questions in real time and get a multitude of perspectives and unique information which may not be easily accessed by the forum search functions or topic browsing.

    So, my message is simple. "Chatguest", if you wish to learn more about this great device, company, male health, or simply want to join a community that is utterly supportive, open, honest, fun, and very meaningful, please, please create a free and anonymous account. The men that give advice, myself being one of them, always encourage questions. We love to help in any sense that we can. The question from a person who just unwrapped the device is as valid is a multi-year veteran. In fact, it's almost hard to say there are "pros" and "newbies" in this area. Everyone's unique perspective always adds some insight for someone else. I might not get a concept until I see it presented the way that you said it.

    I most fully and with my whole heart encourage all to participate and create an identity here with Aneros. So, "chatguest", identify yourself and be welcomed with open arms!