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After effects potentially unwanted... Insight please?
  • So I've been reading a lot of the testimonials and I have to admit I'm feeling intimidated by some of the effects I'm hearing about... most notably the "day after" effects that can occur without even having an aneros inserted. I read one in particular that spoke of tingling that led up to a series of involuntary mini-Os and onto what sounded like a super-O of sorts.

    Couldn't this be potentially unsafe? What if this occurred when you were driving or doing something in public? I can think of tons of scenarios when having this kind of experience wouldn't be very welcome... Circumstance aside, even the spontaneous lack of control bothers me. That you would have an orgasm against your will, albeit pleasurable, doesn't seem that great. I'd rather choose when I'm entering such a state, which is the whole point of having a session in the first place: the conscious choice to experience sexual pleasure, not having the choice forced on you involuntarily.

    I'd like to know what thoughts any of you have on this matter. While I'd love to experience the pleasure that I know is possible, I seriously don't want to be driving down the freeway and start having a dry orgasm with contractions and twitching... :(
  • Hello, Divinorum.

    The after effects can be controlled with a little practice. For me, it was only the first week or so of after effects that was "iffy." My excuse in business meetings was, "acid reflux attack."

    I hope you decide to try Aneros. It's really a great invention.

    Best Regards,

  • Well that makes me feel a bit better about it. Could you expand on how you learned to control it? Because even though at times it might be perfectly okay to just go with the flow, there are certainly times (like a business meeting, or driving) that you'd want to keep yourself from having an orgasm or anything too strange.

    And did you have after effects right off the bat or was it only after you had reached a certain threshold with your aneros sessions?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    You've had 2 1/2 years of experience with an Aneros massager, have you ever encountered after effects which proved to be embarrasingly distractive or uncontrollable?

    I think you may be attributing much more power to this phenomenon than it actually demonstrates. Yes, day after effects are real sensations, commonly felt as a result of the ongoing "rewiring" process. However, they are rarely so invasive as to be disruptive of your daily activities. I suspect, in most cases, men pretty much simply dismiss these sensations as insignificant events during their day. It is when you have time to relax and contemplate your inner world when your fountain of pleasure can most easily make its presence known. You are always in control, that's what makes getting to the Super-O difficult to begin with. It is only when you relinquish much of your ego centric control that the orgasmic sensations can flow freely to move your emotions and body.

    IMHO, your body will never sabotage you by creating distractive sensations that might endanger you, self preservation is simply too strong to allow that to happen. You always have the conscious choice of ignoring or indulging those feelings when/if they occur. A word of caution however, IMHO, it is better to indulge yourself than ignore the feelings, indulging reinforces the future, ignoring supresses the future. The choice is yours.
  • Thanks for your reply.

    Actually I've only had a couple aneros sessions about a year ago. Yeah, that probably sounds pretty strange, but the first time I didn't experience anything at all, and the second time I actually became light headed and felt as though I was about to pass out and/or throw up. I'm not sure what that was about but it kind of turned me off to the whole idea. I only recently decided to try it again, but as a kind of reintroduction I got online again and decided to read a lot of the fascinating testimonials. As for not getting any pleasure from it, I realize that this is the case for many beginners, but it was mainly the adverse feeling that I experienced that made me steer clear of trying it again. It's just been sitting there in my drawer ever since.

    And what you're saying makes sense. And I'm not so concerned about any of the tingling or warm sensations I might experience, but more so the sudden orgasms the build up spontaneously. I only say this because of the few testimonials I read that described these. One objection I would have is that if there's a physiological influence that brings about a sensation, pleasant or unpleasant, it's not going to be hindered just because you don't want it to happen. I understand mind over matter, but if I stubbed my toe and it bruises the next day, if I walk it may hurt from the trauma. Likewise, I just assumed that what's being referred to in these testimonials is the result of past prostate stimulation and therefore the body is acting involuntarily afterward.

    Anyway, that's just my two cents. I will be using my MGX again, and I just recently purchased a Progasm Black ICE too.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    The feeling of nausea is a common initial reaction, and a very good sign. It passes after a few sessions. What appears to be happening is that the stimulation is triggering a reaction in the solar plexus.

    When you're a beginner, your body has no clue what to do with these new sensations and often misinterprets them.
  • I totally agree with rumel! Once you settle in with regular use, the after glow will come to be a true blessing AND never far away. My morning rides to work are nothing but pleasure due to the chairgasms I enjoy --- a warm surging fullness arising from deep within and moving upwards and outwards from behind my scrotum. As rumel pointed out, you ARE in control and I have never experienced anything noticeable to others around. I'm on an every other morning aneros use schedule; and, I practice external prostate massage on the off mornings. This schedule ensures that an afterglow is NEVER far away (even when in the dentist's chair) --- again depending upon my calling. I consider this part of my aneros journey pure pleasure and give praise for it daily!! Go for it, Divinorum!
  • When you're a beginner, your body has no clue what to do with these new sensations and often misinterprets them.

    Thanks for your input, STARR831 and twlltin. In reference to what I just quoted, this makes sense to me to an extent, but what doesn't make sense to me is that I never experienced any sensations at all, aside from the lightheadedness and nausea. It was almost as if I was experiencing some kind of shock reaction, which I also find strange because I am and had been at that point fairly experienced with anal penetration with toys and such.

    Idk, it was just a bizarre reaction for having experienced no sensations at all, aside from just having the aneros inside, even with contractions. It was very uneventful, lol.