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My 50th return to Aneros. Tips for tonight?
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434

    I've tried with the Aneros infrequently for about 2 years. I have to wait about 2 weeks or so for my arousal to build up coz I am just not that easily aroused for Aneros session until that point. Even then, I need a lot of porn.

    And then after not ejaculating for a few more (>5 or 6) weeks, I risk having a wet dream, and then the process restarts! Sigh

    So any tips for me as I jump back on this?

    I've had great involuntaries in about 4 sessions and possibly one mini-O ever. I think.

    (50th return was an exaggeration)
  • Keep using the Aneros since you'll be learning stuff you haven't initially noticed before.
    Also, holding off 5 or 6 weeks is pretty impressive stuff. It's no wonder you get wet dreams.

    Don't get hung up on what you hope to achieve or experience in an Aneros session - and don't get irritated that your pleasures are cut short. (They're not build-ups, try not to think of them like that)

    You've had it far longer than I have though, and I can totally understand that you'd be frustrated by what could feel like a lack of progress. Just keep trying as you never know what could develop.