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Update to an old post from several months back
  • Hi everyone,

    Just an update to an older post. Life has just taken over. I would like to share a few things since my last post.

    By recommendation, I tried a different bullet vibe for the vice. I have to say that things have become more pleasurable exponentially. Let me explain.

    I found a bullet vibe that is a little larger than the aneros bullet. It took me some time to figure it out but I was able to put some lubricant to fit the vibe in. The problem was that the bullet would slide out. After some experimentation, I realized a small piece of athletic tape near the end of the bullet would keep the bullet from falling out.

    The heavier vibration is what my prostate was requiring for the full prostate experience. My sessions usually last about 90 minutes now and I can't keep count the number of orgasms that I experience during that time. I would venture to say way more than 50. I have several in a one minute period or does that count as one long orgasm? However you tally them is not what is important here. I have truly found happiness and self awareness of my own pleasure.

    Someone asked me once whether you can use while you are using "e". The answer is a resounding yes. I have also used rush which intensifies the experience as well. I don't recommend any of these methods. I am only writing from my own personal experience.

    If you are wondering which bullet I use, the brand is Califorinia Exotics Sterling Collection and the slim 2.2 bullet. The bullet is about .25 inch bigger than the vibe. What I really like about this product is that the motor unit and the bullet can be bought separately. I have extra bullets since most of issues arise from wiring and not the motor unit.

    I use my aneros about 2 days a week now. I am completely spent after the sessions and need a couple of days to recover. Good luck to you all. Vis.