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Somewhat undesirable effects?
  • So I recall reading some posts joking about how we stick these plastic things up our butt and they change us and start to take over our body and whatnot...well I haven't achieved any o's yet but I had one session recently where I just kept oozing pre-cum and/or prostatic fluid, which is very unusual because there's never been more then a drop or two before. Anyways, it felt great but ever since that session I frequently feel like my cock is leaking, especially when I'm turned on. It's so weird, like I can watch porn now and without even touching myself I'll start leaking, sorta like a woman who just gets wet from erotic thoughts or whatever. Well fine, but here's the problem...

    You know how you get erections at inconvenient times? Yeah, well it's not so fun feeling wet during one's normal day to day activities. Even worse is that I am a dancer and when dancing say Tango with a beautiful women that turns me on, oh God it's awkward. It's almost worse then getting an erection while dancing.

    Does anyone else experience this frequent feeling of your cock leaking even when not using the aneros? And is there any way to control it so it doesn't occur when you don't want? I'm not even sure anything is actually leaking...but it at least feels like there's fluid built up in the shaft and it's trying to escape..
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 602
    There's another problem associated with that. Pre-cum can be very difficult to wash out of your underwear. The darker the cloth, the more noticeable it is.
  • Ive leaked pre-cum since I can remember...especially during/after training/exercising.
    But I dont see it as a problem, thats just how it is :)
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    you've opened a very natural lube and scent-signaling pathway, probably rich in pheromones. Enjoy!
  • [QUOTE=rook;102203]you've opened a very natural lube and scent-signaling pathway, probably rich in pheromones. Enjoy!

    Hmm, but is it natural to leak so frequently without physical stimulation? And why didn't this ever occur before?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    First off, Cowper's gland emissions (precum) can be very easily induced through mental arousal alone, no physical stimulation may be needed to induce this effect in some men. It is perfectly natural to have this type of reaction from erotic thoughts, especially while engaged in dancing with a beautiful woman. Being a dancer, you know full well dancing is also a form physical stimulation intended to evoke a sexual response.

    Secondly, dry-O's may feel just like an ejaculatory orgasm yet there is no emission, what you describe is like a dry-precum emission effect when you said sensitiveguy22 said: I'm not even sure anything is actually leaking...but it at least feels like there's fluid built up in the shaft and it's trying to escape.Aneros use can alter your sensory perceptions in subtle ways, this rewiring can make you more aware of your body's sensory feedback mechanisms. It is possible you are now more aware of the signals your body is sending than you were before begining your Aneros journey.

    Thirdly, the Aneros journey is one of evolution in learning about what your body is capable of achieving, the rewiring is not like a switch that is thrown and suddenly your body reacts totally differently. It is a process of change that occurs gradually for most men, but not in a smooth linear time line, there may be periods of rapid growth/change and periods of seemingly no growth (even apparent regression). There are phases of growth when we become aware of new sensations but soon adjust and accept these as normal (and they are normal) and usual. As growth and progress proceed some of the older sensations we felt in our early explorations may fade or be replaced by newer sensations, displacing those previous ones, this too is a normal part of the growth/learning process. I suspect what you are experiencing is one of those phases that waxes and wanes during your ongoing rewiring.

    I hope you will not let yourself become too self-conscious of these feelings to let them interfere with your normal day-to-day activities, it is almost certain no one is going to see any tell-tale evidence of a little precum emission as it will most likely be absorbed/blocked by your underwear anyway.

    There are many men on this Forum who would envy your "Somewhat undesirable effects", Jack Johnston's KSMO Forum would call this a "higher level gripe", I agree with 'rook' and say Enjoy!
  • I have always been a precummer, even when turned on without an erection. I can precum from exercise and when I'm anxious (studing last minute for a test, etc). I do precum a lot during my Aneros sessions but it has no connection to my emissions out in the real world. I understand the frustration; at times it leaks through my underwear AND jeans! When aroused and you don't want to leak, just keep ur mind away from what is turning you on. Embrace it! I've had lovers who were turned on by it. You may too!