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My First Experience and some question to ask
  • Hi guys,
    I am Alex, and I am new to aneros and to this forum as well. First, I must say this is a very informative forum and I learnt a lot from it!

    I know what I will ask next may have been posted thousand times in this forum, but I still can’t stop myself from asking, hoping to get more information from the gurus in the forum.

    I got my Aneros MGX last Friday and first thing I did was to experience it! I started everything following the instructions in the guide for newbie found on the wiki. I carefully lube the device then slowly inserted into anus. After that, I laid on my bed with my legs bend and breathed slowly, trying to relax. Despite trying hard to relax, but I was too excited and couldn’t really concentrate and wished to achieve Super-O in my first try. After 45min of impatient waiting, I decided to call it a day. I moved myself to grab water bottle for refreshment. Suddenly my legs shaking involuntary and followed by hands. Then I released I was almost there and quickly went back to my original position. This time, I pushed slightly harder on the pelvic muscles contraction. After several pushes, my whole body start shaking like nobody cares and continued for about 20 seconds. After which, I think I found the key to “trigger” the super-o by contracting my pelvic muscles to get the tickling and twitching sensation. This tickling and twitching sensation can be stop if I indent to do it, but instead I let it go on and with the intention to magnify it in my mind. What happens next is the sensation passed thru my whole body and my body shake non stop! I did it again and again for about 5 times and each last less than 2 minutes. I was very satisfied and ended the session. I cleaned my new toy and I know I will have so much fun with it.

    I went out for a dinner. While I was having my dinner, I feel like my pelvic muscles are still very twitching and feel like ready to go for another round. When I back at home, I position myself again on my bed same as this afternoon session, but without aneros. I relaxed myself and felt the sensation to build up, then once again, I achieved super-o which my whole body start shaking, but without Aneros!

    After that, I took a rest and start looking for more information on the internet about super-o> After more readings are don, I not sure I actually have achieved the super-o stage. There are few questions I wish the gurus out there can help me out:
    1. The body shaking that I experienced does not involve engorgement of the penis, there is no ejaculation feeling or any dry organism feeling like what I had during wet dream, and although I must say this is whole new level of sensation. I watched some video on xtube, I think my experience is almost same as those shown in the video.
    2. Although those body shaking movements are involuntary, but I actually can stop anytime at my will or I can actually prolong the shaking by apply some more pressure to the pelvic muscles. If I have enough stamina, seems like it can go on and on for a few minutes. Is this normal?
    3. Seems like I can have the sensation I described above anytime, any position without Aneros (less intense of course), but it really scare me out a bit as I feel like I am in arousal mood always.

    I did my second session just now, this time I tried with the Do Nothing approach, after about 10 minute of relaxation, my body start the shaking again. But again, I do not felt dry organism kind of feeling.
    So, that is my experience and hope you enjoyed it. If you can answer my questiona, I would like to thank you in advance. Cheers!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Welcome to the Forums,

    Body shaking, spasms, twitches and muscular tremors are a frequently, though not universally, reported phenomenon from Aneros use. The length of time this shaking can continue is indefinite, it can be just a few seconds to several minutes and is completely in the range of 'normal' for Aneros users. You do always have the ability to stop this through removal of the massager and through force of will. There is really no need to be scared of your own body's potential to deliver phenomenal sensations.
  • Thanks Rumel for your reply. I should have replied early but I decided to take a slow progress in experiencing aneros.

    I had few fun sessions with aneros after reading the material you suggested, all session were ended up with similar result:

    1. Very strong involuntary muscle contraction, which can easily spread to my whole body. I was shaking my whole body just like those shown in xtube aneros videos. My penis remain soft throughout the session.
    2. Tickling sensation building up in my abdomen.
    3. Emissions of "precum"

    I read some other ppl super-o experience, some involve Engorgement of the penis and the feel of going to cum but never does. This is the feel that i want to archive, but seem like I still not able to produce this kind of stimulation.
  • Hello, Alex.

    Welcome to the Forum.

    Sounds like you're off to a hot start with Aneros. The main thing is, as long as you are enjoying the feelings and keep on doing it, the pleasure will increase, maybe not every time, but over a period of months. You can't rush it. Don't even try.

    The singular orgasmic events you seek, like mini-Os and dry-Os will make their appearance along the way sooner if you don't try to force anything to happen. When you feel the pleasure building, don't jump in with more contractions. Instead, give in, let go, and be a passive "watcher" of your own self. At some point, you'll find the Aneros will feel like it's moving on its own; what some people call "auto-fucking" you.

    Best Regards,