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Prostate milking and Aneros usage
  • Hi everybody,
    I am a fully persuaded and happy user of Aneros products. I have a Eupho and SGX. The SGX is great, though subtle. I guess it's great as I am shorter, about 165 CM.
    Anyhow, I have a question: before getting an Aneros, I was checking out prostate milking on the net, as that sounded interesting. The stories, articles I read at the time (a few years ago) seemed to indicate that doing such a practice would cause you to emit fluid, even having it "gush out" but I think that was a bit exaggerated. But is there a link with prostate milking and Aneros usage? From what I gather, from my experiences (which are great, BTW) and from reading from other Aneros users, there's not such "milking", unless you count precum emissions, which are fairly common. Does anyone have anything to add, any experiences? Some have mentioned prostatic fluid being expressed out during usage, but I personally have never experienced that. My experiences are usually dry, with precum "coming in" after 30-60 minutes, but this is not prostatic fluid, which is cloudy, but rather precum, which is clear and sticky. Anyone want to clarify or add anything?
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 572
    Don't know that I can clarify anything, but I'm dry, even with the most vivid, intense prostate orgasms, at most occasionally emitting a half drop or so of Cowper's gland secretions towards the end of my usually short (perhaps a half hour at most) sessions. OTOH, during my urology visit and digital rectal exam he'll sweep his finger so firmly over my prostate (not a painful feeling, but not comfortable either) I'll often emit a drop of thin milky fluid that's obviously different, and in fact upon showing him this once he did say it was prostate fluid just as they would have obtained for a prostatic fluid culture. On occasion I've also emitted the same prostatic fluid when I've defecated a hard stool that evidently pressed firmly against the gland during passage. My experience may be different from others though.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,435
    Bill Bately,

    There are many threads on this Forum (7 page list using Keywords "prostate milking") which discuss this topic associated with Aneros use. Here are a couple you may find interesting. Cowper's Gland vs. prostatic fluid, Did I misunderstand something?.

    'Milking' your prostate of seminal fluids can be learned. You can read a short paragraph about Prostate Milking in the “Your Body” chapter of the Aneros WIKI. You can read a longer treatise on prostate milking technique and issues from Lady Lubyanka. There is also a well written blog by Andr. titled HOW TO MILK A BULL which gives step by step descriptions of the process.

    My own experience has revealed the conditions need to be 'right' to accomplish a true "milking" using your Aneros and without using your hand to manipulate the massager. Generally, you need to be highly aroused, your prostate needs to be full and engorged due to arousal (an erect penis from edging is helpful but not mandatory). You should be on the high excitement plateau just before reaching the PONR (Point of No Return), then using your sphincter and PC muscles start performing very strong, rhythmic, slow paced contractions with total relaxation between contractions. It is important to maintain your arousal level, through penile stimulation if necessary, but don't take yourself to the point of ejaculatory inevitability (PONR). This may take a long time and be somewhat strenuous but you will eventually get the ejaculatory ducts to open and the drip, drip, drip of prostatic fluid. The process may not yield much fluid nor be intensely pleasurable in relationship to the amount of energy expended, but it can be done. I suspect having a professional masseuse do this would be much more pleasant as you could really just relax into the pleasurable release to be had.