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First Hypnaerosession! First Dry O?
  • joccojocco
    Posts: 90
    I finally gave Rumel's Hypnaerosession CDs a listen and WOW! I've never experienced sensation on that level before! The process of "letting go" has been proving to be a bigger challenge than I'd ever thought, but with the help of the CDs, relaxation and arousal come together to naturally create a smooth wave to float on that took me right into orgasm!

    I'd still never had a dry o, but I think today I had one followed by a wet o. What I can recall is the sensation of cum streaming out of me during an orgasm that lasted for what felt like about 10-15 seconds, and from everything I've heard about dry os, that was it. Immediately following this, I felt the ever so familiar pulse of a wet orgasm as the sensation in my cock kicked in followed by a refractory period. Huge leap in progress, as I can now distinguish the feeling of a dry o from a wet o!

    Three cheers for the Hypnerosession CDs!
  • Sounds like you are on the right path. Your description of your dry to wet orgasm sounds exactly like what I have experienced. I have/had also "suffered" from hands free wet orgasms, but they eventually turned into what I call dry streaming orgasms where it feels like cum is just streaming out of my penis and onto my stomach but there is nothing actually there. I do still occasionally get the wet orgasm during sessions, but not nearly as much as I used too, plus I have learned to recognized when the dry-o/mini-o is turning into a possible wet orgasm, so I just mentally back off from the pleasure and try to move the sexual energy into my legs/stomach. I would equate this to something like an edging technique. Let the pleasure build until you think you may have a wet orgasm then back off and repeat. It has taken my practice to get there, but it is working and I am experience more and more intense pleasure.