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Has this happened to anyone else
  • Helix is aI am a newbie but I had a wonderfull experience last nite. I have been using a Helix for the past 2 weeks without much success other than a few moments of enjoyable sensations. I have been reading and watching as many videos as I can find. I have participated in the chat room a little bit.

    Yesterday I was either reading or watched a video. I don't remember exactly which but the most important thing I found was that the Helix is SELF ADJUSTING when you insert it into the anus place it about half way in and then let the body draw it into the rectum and then do not try to adjust is after it is seated. In previous sessions I never felt that exquesite sensation of the Helix hitting the prostate pobably because I was to focused getting the tab to exert pressure on the perineum. Upon insertion and allowing self adjustment I immediately had much different feelings than previous sessions.

    After allowing time to relax and allowing the lube to warm up. I was able to start having some spontaneous contractions and the most wonderfull sensations. I continued in multiple positions as I would drift off to sleep I would notice very strong involuntary contractions. After about 90 min I began having sensations in my penis that I may have to urinate, reading that this was normal I continued hoping to have an orgasm. I could not quite get over the top I suddenly started having multiple contrations almost continually until suddenly I was at that point of no return ejaculation was imminent. Suddenly two spurts I thought the fluid was very thin but I had seen videos of large volumes of fluid suddenly it dawned on me that I was urinating! I was able to stop the flow and get to the bathroom. Has anyone else experience peeing rather than ejaculation with orgasm?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,099

    Question, were you erect when this occurred?

    BF Mayfield