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Best Aneros videos
  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 137
    I'm flabbergasted to see there's no sticky thread with aneros videos. Is it because of some legal paranoia ? Aneros company extremely unwilling to link to outside sites ?

    I'll start.


    Aneros Peridise Session Highlights
    Aneros Peridise Session Highlights - XTube Porn Video - Anerosexual
    A very intense video with a happy ending. The camera is centered on his whole body, which makes it great to see the spasm and shakes. I don't think his anus or even aneros are visible for a second, which might be good if you're trying to intrigue another guy with anal prejudices.

    Handsfree edging with Aneros II
    I won't spoil it, but there's a number of strange ... shall we say... body reactions in this video. Something that would be quite hard to fake. The upside of this video is that you get an idea what contractions the guy is doing. And the ladies seem to love it.

    Episodes I and III are also worth watching, if perhaps not as spectacular.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    If you'll take a little time to stroll around this great website you'll likely find some real gems of knowledge and links to external resources. I invite you to check out the Community group - The Video Club for a substantial listing of Aneros related videos. 'cremaster1973's videos were already listed there.
  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 137
    1. That club is not a sticky.

    2. It requires login, which makes it inaccessible to unregistered lurkers.

    Actually both videos were already posted on this forum, yet many people still missed "aneros peridise session highlights"
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    [QUOTE=airbag;101727].... snip ...
    2. It requires login, which makes it inaccessible to unregistered lurkers.

    sort of , "by design."

    Spam and gross, off-topic posts are easy to see and quick to squelch when they appear in the main forum. Since the groups have fewer visits by Forum members, garbage posts are more difficult to police.

    The 'expense' of converting from an 'unregistered lurker' isn't all that onerous.