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dry spell ends with a bang
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    After three plus years of aneros use, I have gotten to the point where I would have several dry O's each session. It was like this for about 6-8 months then I hit a dry spell where I would have great feelings but no orgasm. This was also the case with sex with the wife. I get much stronger dry o's when using the aneros with her just stroking me or licking my nips. There were no orgasms to be had for about a month.
    Then the other night all hell broke loose. We were on the couch watching tv when she touched me in a pleasant sort of way, and I could feel the energy shoot through my body.

    Needless to say we went directly to bed and I proceeded to have more orgasms than I could count, from every different kind of stimulation, all with the eupho inserted. At the end of it all we enjoyed a incredible mutual climax and ejaculation.
    I have not read of this happening before and wondering if anyone else has had this experience? I will say that the one thing about my aneros journey is that it has never stayed the same. Not that every session is different but that certain trends seem to come and go.