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Selling/Trading my Vice... any takers?
  • A while back I bought the Vice. When I first got it, I tried it a few nights, but found that there was some discomfort and minor pain associated with using it for me. I put it away for a long time, occasionally using the vibe by itself, sometimes just to stimulate myself in general (chest/nips, penis, balls, etc) and sometimes inserted, which by itself is pretty nice. Last night I tried the whole apparatus again (the massager with the vibe inserted,) but found that once again, it wasn't totally comfortable, and so I've pretty much concluded there's no point in me keeping the massager. I was wondering if anyone on here wanted to either buy or trade me for the Vice setup (massager+vibe) or just the massager by itself (so I can keep the vibe.) Obviously I would clean both items thoroughly beforehand and the price would be discounted from the price of a new massager.

    I already have the Helix, so I'm looking for something knew. Honestly, I'm interested to try any of the other models (I used to have an MGX but got rid of it, which I regret.) I'm also totally fine with a monetary sale.