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Prosimian-Os!!! a playbook for tailgasms
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Well men and women possibly too!! Here is another quick tip, this from a delightful early morning chat today in the Chat Room.

    We had been trying some of chuckjo2000's tantric tips, and then I offered the following:

    [13:18:35] artform: OK sense your tailbone (coccyx) and sacrum above it. Feel any muscle movements you can make around them.
    [13:18:53] chuckjo2000: will do
    [13:19:08] twlltin: ok
    [13:19:24] artform: Now remember that is our tailbone because we did have a tail and we carry the neuro-muscular memory of that...
    [13:19:36] artform: ... missing limb!
    [13:20:57] artform: Now open your body memory/imagination and begin to stretch your tail a little, then curling it up your back...
    [13:21:50] artform: ...then bringing it sweeping down, our tail being at least a yard/metre long
    [13:22:21] artform: and prehensile... curlable grasping holding...
    [13:23:04] chuckjo2000: strong pulsing in prostate, art
    [13:23:33] artform: curl it between your legs tighter and tighter!! bringing it up to tickle your nips if you like and can!!
    [13:23:40] artform: YES CJ!!
    [13:24:06] chuckjo2000: jjeeessssssssss
    [13:24:24] artform: now wag your tail back and forth between your legs pulling up in front each time!!!
    [13:24:40] chuckjo2000: dry ejac going on
    [13:25:14] twlltin: as usual for me, only subtle feelings from this.
    [13:25:25] artform: WE actually have the muscles to do this and YES CJ, they are all connected such that they can do just what you...
    [13:25:29] chuckjo2000: yyyyyyyyy
    [13:25:49] artform: ...and I and lightly twlltin are now feeling!!!
    [13:26:25] artform: I posted in my blog about this last year or early this and some guys can really get this and others take time...
    [13:26:44] chuckjo2000: prostate feels like it's ballooning
    [13:26:59] artform: OH YES
    [13:27:29] chuckjo2000: penis is maxed...
    [13:27:43] chuckjo2000: into it's trying to shoot
    [13:27:58] artform: Added form of Intent Triggered Chairgasms, Cargasms, Joggasms, widely applicable!!!
    [13:28:48] chuckjo2000: yyyyyyyy
    [13:29:24] chuckjo2000: wow......very nice, art
    [13:29:30] chuckjo2000: coming down now a bit
    [13:30:48] chuckjo2000: this is cool, art....i'll play with my tail more often...
    [13:31:01] artform: Great!! Enjoy anytime as our proud simian ancestral inheritance!! Prosimian-Os
    [13:31:08] bsmith14: art, can you write up a new forum post about this? I would like to try it later

    So, there you have one of our morning adventures!! Try it! ENJOY!!!!..........

    Here is the blog post I mentioned too, for more about this Tailgasmic treat:

    The method described in the blog post is more passive initially than we were this morning by actively sensing the muscles possibilities first, so there are as always several pathways possible with a given orgasmic phenomenon!! Both work very well for me. WOW!!

    all the best orgasmic prosimian ancestral fun and games for eroticist wags young and old all