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A way that sped up my progress (warning: LONG story)
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    I've been having bad luck with my Progasm, no real progress in a few months, at all. But I keep on truckin. Occasionally I'll have a a session where I start to pass out and I'll get the feeling that my body is...How to words this...sinking through quick sand and I can feel every grain pushing passed my skin. It's a really cool feeling but no accidentals at all...Okay I was thinking about music theory aparentyl, lol! I meant no involuntaries, no spasms, no butt, anus, pelvic or penile feelings at all. Anyone ever get the feeling I'm describing?
    Anyhow, I recently had a session where I didn't even leave the bathroom, for whatever reason. I just balled up some towels and layed there with the lights off. It was the most calming session ever. It almost wasn't sexual at all, it was very relaxing. I had slight tingles but it didn't matter. I think this was my mind switching off the anxiety. After a while I decided to end my session, but I wanted to lay on my side for a bit. Nothing happened but a little pre-cum that landed on my leg and turned me on a bit. However I knew I was taking out my Aneros, because it was in for long enough. At this point frustration set in. I wanted to throw the fuckin thing out the window and forget about it, but something made me curious.
    When I was young I started experimenting with masterbation before I even knew what the fuck was goin on and what I was was doing and even why. One day I had a "boner" and nobody was home, so I grabbed one of my stuffed animals, depantsed and started mimicing what I saw on late night "Skin-o-max" (if you know what I mean). In retrospect my dick never touched the stuffed animal, just my balls and taint, and maybe my anus. I remember the pleasure building. It was fucking amazing! I felt my buttcheeks and my taint get tingly and even my thighs. Soon after my buttcheeks were quivering uncontrollably! My heart was racing and my lower abdomen felt very ticklish like I had major butterflies. Then it exploded! My body went weak as waves and waves of pleasure shot throughout my legs, butt and stomach, my legs were shaking like never before, every shake thrusted my body down onto my "toy" and my taint was throbbing with pleasure. I practically fell onto the ground in pleasure...It actually scared the shit out of me, lol! It was the best feeling I've ever had at it was 100x better than any penile orgasm I've ever had! Not even a two girl titfuck and blowjob could stand up to it!
    I only got close one time since about a year or two ago. I was reading about a story somebody wrote about how when they were young they found there moms vibrator in the attic and he used it a few times, but a few sessions later I guess, he used the vibrating "option" on it and the pleasure he described was exactly like my experience. This through my into a mission to find out how to have that orgasm again. I read about the Aneros and don't think I wanted one in my ass more than that night. I read all the methods and tips to use it and started on the guide (even though I didn't have an Aneros, I was gonna try my finger). I even got into the bath tub. I had tried anal play before tons, but never could get anything from it. As I sat in the water I knew it was a special time. I reached down played a bit and decided to enter. I reached into about my first knuckle (not far) and made little circles. Something started to happen. The feelings all started to come back. THIS WAS IT!!! I was so excited and it was building and building for about a minute and then...I had a fuckin heart palpition cause I was so excited, and it scared the shit out of me so I stopped. Never again have I came even close again!
    I never could even find my prostate, no matter how much I felt down there, it just wasn't around...Lame. So back to the other day. Pissed of, but calm, and curious. I put my Progasm onto the sink and washed my hands, lubed up my finger and put my finger as far as it would reach...too far. I found my Prostate aparently I passed it up most of the time and didn't even notice. Long story short (too late) I basically milked myself, it felt good, but pretty much like a traditional.
    Last night however, I tried to use my Aneros with out even being turned on, to see what would happen. As soon as I got it in I noticed that I started feeling the feelings from the day I milked myself, not strong, but I felt them. Then for the first time I felt prostate contact and started having involuntaries, that lasted for a long while. Now if I think about my prostate I can feel a bit of pleasure shoot by it. I think I woke it up and think maybe this might hel some other people. Wow, that turned out WAY longer than planned, but I wanted to share my childhood story because it was really exciting and I don't have anyone else to tell it to that might understand. If you're still reading (lol) thanks for your time and I hope you can try the finger trick and make it work like I did. But take precaution! I did a lot of research before I tried it.
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    Kudo's on your successes