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Hands free wet orgasms with Aneros
  • ok guys I know this will vary by person, but i'm curious as to how many of you can use your aneros to induce a full up hands free wet-O. I'm thinking that generally dry-Os are the result of any internal/prostate stimulation... which is why they are rarer.. however many of you expereience wet-Os.

    Anyone care to share how it works for them?
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    I've never had a HFWO from my Aneros device, and I wouldn't (want to) know how to induce one.
  • RandoRando
    Posts: 19
    I have to agree with twlltin here, a lot of the fun with Aneros play for me is that the pleasure can last as long as you want. I would think that focusing on HFWOs might lead to you accidentally inducing them in later sessions when you may not want them to happen.

    Also, one of my favorite things to do with the Aneros is once I've really warmed up my prostate, I will tie a bullet vibrator to the tip of my cock. This creates 2 unbelievable sensations and normally the pleasure on my cock is so intense I never ejaculate from it When I do this just right, it feels like my cock is in a constant state of ejaculation for a couple minutes.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    No HFWO for me either. I'm fine with it!!! It brings things to a pretty quick halt.

  • movermover
    Posts: 69
    I would like to learn how to achieve a HFWO with the Aneros in place, but haven't managed to do so as I feel it would be an awesome way to bookend an intense session.

    However, I find my penis and the nerves therein quite un-stimulated during the whole experience until the very end when I masturbate my self to a Super-T.

    I did find the erotic-hypnotic recordings of Isabella Valentine, a few of which are supposed to be able to lead you to HFWO although they don't include the Aneros.

    Please keep us posted on your progress, I'd love to hear what you come up with!
  • [QUOTE=brine;101575]No HFWO for me either. I'm fine with it!!! It brings things to a pretty quick halt.


    I've never managed to do it either, and I'm fine with that. When I'm in the mood for it, I can do it the good old fashioned way.
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    I've been able to do it twice.
    It's very rare and I have to tense somehow to make it happen, but it feels right in the context of the session.
    The last time I did it, I found the build-up really intense (physically at least). It's like a clench that you're too tired to hold, but yet you must :D
    It's a nice way to end the session when you decide you're done, but having it happen involuntarily and ending your session early is probably not something to wish for, since (in my experience) it's not really that pleasurable compared to the (best) dry parts I've experienced.
  • So far the HFWO is the only hands-free orgasm I've had with the Aneros. I don't really care that I've yet to have a dry one. The wet ones feel great.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    It's generally the primary/only way I have been able to O with an Aneros; they were quite satisfying. Mine would occur on my stomach, where I would lay perfectly still, breathing deeply, waiting for an urge to twitch. When I would feel them, I would try to suppress them a little, and after a while, let one leg produce the slightest kick, kind of like kick-starting the O process, which would grow into nearly violent shakes/thrusts until culminating in a massive O, usually a HFWO.

    The first one I had was wonderful, with waves of pleasure washing up and down my spine, leading to shaking/thrusting until I had what I think was a HFDO, where I immediately started shaking my way towards a second O. Then my wife kicked me for disturbing her sleep, breaking my concentration. I've haven't had one in quite a while due to a problem with the sciatic nerve bundle near the tailbone; there isn't a lot of feeling in there, but since I seem to be on the mend, the feeling's coming back and I'm hoping that I'll have the opportunity to try again after the kids go back to college after the holidays.
  • after working at this for about 2 years, i split the difference. it is interesting though that as time passes i can almost tell if its going to be a HFWO or a dry one. either way i don't try to alter it. That way i can enjoy it for what it is.... My dry O's last longer and seem less intense.... my wet one's are shorter and more mind blowing. I'm just glad at this age everything works.. NO little blue pills needed here.... take care guys.