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Artform vid 2: Male Clitoris Orgasms
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Here is the unfortunately silent version of my second vid, Male Clitoris Orgasms: » social networking for your penis!

    Sadly the sound, which carries my reactions to the wonderful chain of Dry Multiple Orgasms I experienced during this filming, seems to not survive the video compression at dick.

    You can see both the labial massage and then the "pumping the piston" action as the compressed cock forms a rigid rod pushing against and massaging my prostate to ecstasies, both during the first round of finger stim, and then more intensely as continuing and enhanced after effects immediately following the stim. These are unique and delightful energy pumping orgasms, and all of the build and side effects are wonderful too!!!

    Again this is rough cut and I will see what it takes to have the sound available on the final cut!! The last sequence show the slow re-emergence of my cock from the retracted state and its still mostly compressed, thin, short selfhood!! :D Notice that it is about two knuckles long compared to my finger. Then check the Mangina fingering pic in my Gallery, which shows my finger into my mangina almost two knuckles deep.

    all the best orgasmic explorations of our amazingly pliant anatomy males all

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Nice work Artform!