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Beyond the rings of Uranus
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    It was 2.15A.M. I know that much for sure.
    The rest of it is well, you will have to make your own mind's up.

    I had just glanced at the Sat Nav unit to check how far to the turn off.
    The clock on the dash is just under the Sat Nav.

    I drive for a living. I deliver Truck's Pickup's and Car's to vehicle rental compound's.
    Sometimes the vehicles are new but not that often.
    I always drive at night and usually long distance.

    I enjoy the freedom of the road but it is not as free as it once was.
    Mobile phones and satellite tracking. Some call it progress.

    Out on the open road in the middle of nowhere, somewhere between here and there.
    No light's, nothing.
    I sometimes stop for a break.
    Turn off the engine and light's.
    Standing at the side of the road, cloudless night, gazing at the stars in the heavens in all their glory.

    I know the constellation's and the name's of the stars.
    Interested in the natural world from an early age.
    Tree's, bird's, rock's, fish, how it all works.
    The progression of Evolution.
    An inquiring mind, always exploring.

    I think that I was about 6 or 7 years old when I first discovered Rectumland.
    An exploring finger, new sensations, a sense of boldness.
    Was I the only one ?

    This exploration continued on and off through my teens.
    An augmentation of self stimulation.

    Then for some reason there was a dormant period.
    Life I guess.

    Many year's later the Internet dawned on me.
    A treasure trove of ideas and experiences.
    It seemed that many had entered the portal into Rectumland.

    Exploration of that dark continent resumed.

    Many objects and devices were employed.
    Never got around to trying the real thing but the thought sometimes popped up.

    I had a general knowledge of how the human body worked but like most people no particular knowledge.
    During my forays in Cyberspace I got references to the Prostate.
    Further reading, a new avenue to explore.

    I eventually discovered Aneros. Read a bit and purchased.
    Over the course of several year's my collection grew.
    MGX, Helix, Progasm Ice and the Peridise.
    Lot's of different sensations.

    The Peridise were ideal for driving with.

    The dead of night, just my imagination and my toy's.

    This particular night, starlit, between here and there.
    A dull glow, the air seems to throb.
    I pull over to the verge. Turn off everything.
    The vibration continues, an electrical hum all around.

    I am not worried, just curious.

    The glow was like a light mist, barely visible.

    Without any warning a beam of light stabbed through the night sky.
    I was the target.
    It seemed to hit me with a physical force.
    My first thought was a military helicopter, one of those stealth experiments.

    Rooted to the spot.
    I am not sure what happened next..

    My next recollection was of being in a room.
    How I got there or where I was, I have no recall.

    I am standing. I look around, different, so different.
    There are other beings present.
    Not human you understand.
    I feel mesmerized and anxious at the same time.

    The brain struggles for reference.
    A floor, wall's barely visible, is that a door ?
    Ceiling not visible due to light from above.

    These beings, 2 leg's, 2 arm's, torso, head, eye's - big eye's, small ear's and nose,
    no hair,
    I think, we evolved from being hairy all over to being hairy in places, - is this our destiny ?

    The beings are clothed. Some type of uniform.

    They look at me observing my surroundings.

    I feel a compelling urge to remove my clothes..
    Panic wells up. I have no control.
    Have I been drugged or have they grabbed my mind ?

    Slowly I strip. The last items removed are a ring and a gold chain.
    Helpless as a rabbit, I stand naked before the Inquisition.

    Another urge strikes. I walk forward and then lay on my back on an examination bed.

    I lie there exposed. The beings gather round.
    A touch, a jolt to the system, like a sledgehammer blow !
    More touches. The brain wants to explode.

    Then a familiar shape appears. The brain grabs this point of reference.
    Milliseconds pass. The shape is processed by the brain.
    I have it but how can this be ?.

    It is one of the beings forefinger's.
    It looks like my Helix, bony beckoning and intrusive.

    The owner of the digit must have seen the look of recognition on my face or did my brainwaves spike.
    He seems to smile.
    A silent affirmation passes between us.
    Now I relax, strange to have no worries in this situation.
    They evaporate like the morning mist.

    The other beings notice the change. The examination continues - routine.
    I think that all doctors or beings of Science must have a universal way of doing things.

    Front complete. I feel the need to turn over.
    Laying on my stomach the back examination commences. Touch, prod, poke.
    Various objects glide over my skin.

    The owner of the digit stands before me. He extends his forefinger.
    Is he asking permission ?
    Go ahead is my thought.
    It looks like Helix so it should be alright.

    He disappears from view.
    I feel the touch.
    Gentle pressure, the digit is sucked in.
    Immediate prostate contact.
    The penis drools, sensations race through the system.

    Pleasure, out of this world pleasure.
    I feel as if I am levitating.
    A fly on the end of a magic wand as the cosmic magician performs.

    Pleasure, pleasure, but there is more.
    I see images. Landscapes, bird's, animal's, plant's.

    The beings homeworld or snapshots of their travels ?
    Information !
    Information is being received !
    Brain to digit to prostate to brain.


    "Who said that"

    "I" said a being. "You have just learned our language.
    Relax , we have more information for you."

    It floods in. Medical, engineering, astro navigation, electronics, computing.
    The brain feels swollen. All available space is filled.

    The digit withdraws. I sleep. How long for I do not know.

    I awake. One of the beings is there.
    He says to get dressed and they will return me.
    There are others like me who have had the same experience.
    We should make contact and use the information to change things.
    We will meet again, sometime.

    So dear reader, Transparent aluminium, engines that run on water, cold fusion,
    intergalactic travel. Just the tip of the iceberg.

    Spread the word.
    Peace brothers.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Are you looking for a good patent attorney? ;)