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a couple interesting topics, and a pretty cool pointer for a fantastic orgasm
  • so i will start this forum with some topics. the first one being. "have you ever knowtest during a session you hit your "pleasure plato" which is fantastic but during a lenghty session yourleft unsatisfied?. i have started doing a little thing i like to call orgasmic recal. which is 10 or so minutes after a session i relax and recall the sensations. its quite nice.
    next topic would be for a modle branch. a glass series. i have always been fasinated with glass products. i can just immagine it. a hand weaved glass anero kind of like how Phallix products work but made for men. who knows could be a great market i would deffently buy one. okay and now for the cool little trick i recently found that works wounders for me might work for you. so i was laying on my back yesterday feeling pretty well sensitive, when i decided to start rubbing myself and found my hand at the roots of my cock. area to think of is if you were a chick it would be right where your clit lies. i found a nice vain there a thicker part of the para and started doing gentle yet semi ferm wafting motions twards the tip if my cock. only working about a square inch of area. after only a minute i felt the urge of a strong ejaculation coming. if i hadnt already masturbated earlier i probably would have. then then out of no where i felt my pc/keeg muscles spazing out of control way harder than i have ever had before. so i grabbed my maximus lubed up and put in. i was in a udder daze. i didnt do any of the normal rutine i just started to orgasm. i was being taken for everything, my anero was spazzing yet not moving. the only thing i could think of was muddering la la la la in my head and verbalized it. when all of a sudden it went calm. like the eye or the storm. when a almost eletric blue vibe started raidaiting down my body in wounderful pulses. i sware i could almost see the energy. it lasted probably 45 seconds and then it died down. and i was left just smiling pulled my anero out and was left with my super sensitive cock. so i grabbed my fleshlight and humped it missionary and came within a minute or so and just lied back down and went to sleep.