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For the last time....
  • :confused: Okay, I have tried nearly every suggestion in the book as far as patience, position, frequency, expectations, correct insertion, lubrication, enemas, well, it's a pretty exhaustive list. And I just cannot seem to achieve anything close to even a 'small O' orgasm with my MGX. I understand that one must become accustomed, become used to, not rush the process, etc. But I sure with someone could give me a few real effective pointers on how to improve my experience. I was so frustrated six months ago that I tossed the original; the replacement arrived today and I am just staring at it waiting for who will blink first. I know it's a good product...what the heck...?
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Just wondering... How long did you give the first MGX before you threw it away?

    Did you get any feelings, however slight, from using it?

    In previous posts, you mentioned you'd tried other models. Did you keep them or throw them away as well?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    "Who blinks first" makes me think of a couple of Sumo wrestlers squaring off :D

    when I look at the last 2+ years, here are the common denominators of my better 'Anerosgasmic' sessions ** -- Aneros --

    When considering Zazen Meditation the result you are looking for is 'nothingness' I think that's well expressed in Hydrogen's post on deep fascia relaxation -- --. If you can hit that target you may feel the "slight" feelings that Twlltin speaks of in this thread.


    ** Anerosasmic session: A session devoted to spiritual relaxation leading to one or more blissful experiences, possibly elevated to orgasm, as opposed to sessions involving other erotic use of the toy such as roughhousing, masturbation, or in combination with distractions like Aneros Chat etc. While those are OK activities with your Aneros, please don't mix them up.
  • ive been in your situation and heres what i would honestly recommend you doing.. give up looking for this super O people talk about. get that notion out of your head. try doing this.

    enjoy it, heres how i get the most out of my anero, i start out by lying on my back legs flat, just lying there. when my thoughts get a lil naughty and vivid i lean on one side put that sides leg down and the other up in the air, rock that position for a while and enjoy the tingles, when i start to get distracted by having to piss i go take a piss, come back and masturbate for a bit just till im pretty satisfied no orgasm yet. then i lye on my back again and start over with my session but this time switch the leg up leg down. and that usually gets me moaning pretty hard if not milks the shit out of me and if it doesnt and i get to antzy i fuck my fleshlight and have a super huge orgasm so strong that i cant move or take my unit out of the light because im to sensitive and weak from cumming so hard.

    seriously just enjoy your sessions make them yours make them fun let ur immagination run free. if you think the anero isnt hitting your prostate theres a simple way to prove it is. stand up get on your knees and sit on your legs with your butt just bairly off the ground it should put a good tension on your upper thighs but when you give it a good squeeze it will feel like your being punched in your gut no matter how gentle you are even not moving it.

    and once again just enjoy it make each session your own no matter what you do no matter the end result just enjoy it
  • Goodguy...good morning, man.

    Well if you're like me, and I know many have been, MGX is a very ineffective aneros model. It just didn't hit the right spot for me then, and now, even though I'm completely rewired and experience super O's all the time, it still doesn't really work.

    I strongly suggest that you buy a Helix or Maximus. Both are larger and longer, and will, I'm fairly sure start to get you going better.

    I realize this is IMHO only, but I submit that others will concur. Buy a bigger model.

  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    Cut the tail off? Im about ready to try that now since Ive not had too much luck with my devices.
  • Hello, MyTurn.

    Don't cut the tail off completely, just the curly part. Leave about 1.5 inches of the flat part to align the device in your butt crack.


  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    Any progress?