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Curious about E-stim and the aneros
  • movermover
    Posts: 69
    I bought the MGX a while ago and have been experimenting about once a week with awesome results. I don't know that I've quite hit the Super O yet, but teetering on the edge has really been out of this world, LOVE IT!

    I've been experimenting with the idea of adding other toys to my sessions. The STU Fleshlight was my first addition, and now I'm thinking about e-stim.

    In doing my research I've found a few brands, namely Slightest Touch (recommended somewhere in this forum), PES, Erostek and Zeus.

    I've also noticed that another brand, Nexus has their own attachment, but I'm in love with my Aneros (and am debating on a Helix or Progasm next) and as such don't want to switch.

    Does anyone have experience with multiple brands? Is there one that stands out on it's own, or in conjunction with the Aneros? Does it make sense to try to use a kit to wire the Aneros?

    Any and all help appreciated.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,759
    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new MGX and the forthcoming pleasures .

    Over the years there have been a number of Forum members into various forms of e-stim with a variety of stim targets. A search for the following will produce a wealth of information: estim, e-stim, Slightest Touch, electro, etc.

    rumel provides a nice introduction in his post #3 in thread -- --

    A well thought out discussion is in: Brian Mayfield's post #6 in thread -- --

    Current resources include Ten_S_Nut (who frequents the weekend Chat sessions). He is a good resource on bi-polar stim. I am more into the unipolar game. I periodically fire off (no pun intended) my Tempo as one unipole working against a Fleshlight as the other pole. Since both of these are large area devices it's wise to have everything firmly connected and inserted before powering up. Wearing gloves is also a good idea.

    Aneros use also has a far lower likelihood of, gittin' daid.

    My own experience is that while Hands Free Wet Orgasms are fairly routine with estim, it's a bit like a sledgehammer when compared to Aneros toys which do their job at a much lower levels of stimulation and wider range of operation between abject pain and intense pleasure. That nice 'sub-threshold' region isn't the most stable thing in this world.

    Blessings to you along with a Wish for continued pleasures and good vibes.

    May you continue to receive a lot of pleasure and stay clear of harms way from Hurricane Irene.
  • movermover
    Posts: 69
    Many thanks for your prompt and thorough reply!

    I am now a member of the smartstim forums and am reading happily. And I must admit, the thought of using a tempo in conjunction with e-stim sounds like quite a lovely very well may have changed my mind.

    Quick question, which unit do you use? Do you have a recommendation? With all the models out there it seems a bit daunting, and I've no idea where to start.
    Right now it's looking like Sensavox and the ET232 are the category leaders, but they're quite expensive. I find myself wondering if a beginner would notice the difference between those devices and one that is a third of the price.

    Many thanks for the sage advice! And many happy trails to you as well, good sir.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 865
    Hello, mover.

    Rook's advice and links will help.

    For e-stim, I use a really effective and inexpensive TENS unit: LG Medical 3000. It cost me $29 and I've seen them for less. My wife's $300+ unit isn't any better.

    Be safe. Improperly used, a TENS unit can kill you.


  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    Before my heart surgery I tried using one of these things. I really tried ... all I ever did was zap my weiner. hese thing have the subtlty of a greyhound bus in the passing lane. I didn't get a cheap one either. I put it everywhere using all kind of attachments. Then one day I decided to use it to cook a hot dog while I was in my hotel room just toi see if it worked. It took a while but it did do it. So I put it away after that. Then I had open heart surgery which put me out of commission for three months. While I was home recuperating I came across the Tens Unit. Took one look at it and thought about my condition and in the trash it went.

    I am into pleasure received in languid bliss . . . . it ain't gonna happen with an electrode up your butt.

  • I don't know the origin of this table. It was posted by in the E-STIM forum. Offered just for info. ..nb09
    #10 General talk about E-Stim / Re: Try an Enema/E-Stem Experiment (2011.08.15 20:51)
    For anyone interested. Here are two reliable rules for finding hundreds erotic resonances to the body.

    Formula one: Pulse rates(PR)and pulse widths(PW)that divide into one another will normally resonate well together....

    --- TENS EMS
    PR PW PW
    1 any any
    10 any any
    2 evens evens
    3 210 270
    5 55 330
    7 210 270
    40 240 340
    45 90 360
    70 140 280 ... etc

    Formula two: Pulse rates(PR)ending in similar digits to pulse widths(PW) will normally resonate well together...

    --- TENS EMS
    PR PW PW
    1 any any
    10 any any
    5 150 350
    11 210 310
    70 170 370
    90 190 290 ... etc

    ENJOY and live well! nb2009
  • Hello, newbie.

    Here's another Aneros e-stim thread: