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How to change from wet to dry orgasm?
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    What makes one orgasm wet and another dry? IF There are two guys who both can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone (no penis contact), but one has dry orgasms while the other one has wet orgasms. What would the guy with wet orgasms have to do to switch to dry?

    I believe i will be able to orgasm from nipple stimulation eventually. I want to know now what i have to do in order to make sure that i am on a path which will produce dry orgasms.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Hello, legace.

    Glad you asked this. I'd like to know where the switch is, too. Around 5% of the time, my session ends prematurely with a wet O that should have been dry. I can't feel the difference in build-up.


  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    For me nipple play will lead to a HFWO. But the style of nipple play that leads me to HFWO is a more constant stimulation of them vs a flick every here and there style of play. When I'm having an Aneros session I can sometimes just give them a flick to get the MMO's rolling again but if I begin to actually play with them then my body switches over into traditional wet orgasm mode.

    I wish I knew the answer to your question legacy because I can have a nipple play only HFWO everyday of my life if I wanted to and would love it if I could make them dy O's instead.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Disclaimer: I'm not a model of success on this but have a plan and have made a couple of tiny steps forward.

    Very first HFO went wet on the tail end of a Helix session with heavy nipple stim. (lending a lot of credit to Billy11's observations on 'continous play')

    Current plan (since Feb-March this year):

    1. Continue cementing my nip wiring to my prostate. Nip stim only when I'm inserted or have made enough Anerosless contractions to first ignite the flame in the backdoor fireplace (aka patio barbecue, aka prostate). No nip stim when I'm edging for casual J-O or for a Super-T to end a therapy session. No longer use nip stim during foreplay unless I'm inserted and focused on my prostate. (having E.D. helps) And, no nipple play when I'm wearing a cockring. (sure path to an HFOw)

    2. Use an alternate wiring for my penis. Right now that's lips since they fit in with my foreplay routines and are supported by my wife.

    Progress to date:
    1. Nips erect on their own within 5 seconds of an Aneros Prostate tool sliding into place against my prostate. (good two-way comms between nips and prostate/anal canal). (Note, direct nip stim is faster -- mine go from soft to hard in less than 3 seconds after the first fingernail flick.)
    2. I've driven myself into one HFO(w) with lips in the last two months. That was following removal of the Vice at the end of a therapy session whereupon i started lip stim with a lot of sensate focus on my glans and cremasters (aka downstairs fireplace). In fairness though, I'd done two edging passes with just shaft fingering before I started the lip stim (against a pillow case seam.)

    Breaking the wet orgasm connections is tough. I once managed to redirect an active chain of dry-Os into wet when it got too intense and that took a lot of brain bending. That success got me interested in reversing that action. But, once I'm running on the wet rails there's not much dry land in sight.
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    thanks for the responses.
    what does HF stand for :confused:
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Hey Legace, I owe you one -- I used an old abbreviation for Hands Free Wet Orgasm (HFWO is correct)

    That's found by going to the Wiki (menu bar at the top of this page). That takes you to the opening page of the Wiki:
    -- Aneros Main Page - Aneros Wiki --

    In the left menu, click on Glossary and you'll get a list of common abbreviations:
    Glossary - Aneros Wiki
  • Sorry to bump the thread.

    Rook, what is your process for wiring lip stimulation to your penis? Is it a matter of maintaining lip stimulation during traditional masturbation or is it doing lip stim and then looking for 'echo effects' in your penis?

    Also, what form of lip stim do you use? Do you mimic kissing or is it something different?