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Dry Orgasm Returns!
  • Around early May I posted about my first dry orgasm and how it occurred without my aneros - I was watching porn and stimulating my perineum, nipples, and area below my navel when suddenly I lurched from sitting position to lying back on my bed, my penis contracting powerfully for about half a minute completely dry. Since then I have not been able to play with the aneros as much and as comfortably as i'd like because well...there isn't much privacy when you live in a small house with your parents and sister. Now i'm back on my own and have plenty of time to play.
    It has been four days since I decided to go for 3-4 weeks again without ejaculation (it does get intense haha). Just yesterday I woke up and played/teased myself for almost an hour before I went to spend the rest of the day with friends. When I came back I was so horny, I did the same thing for an hour and during that experienced the same thing as I did months prior! I had already decided that the night was going to be an aneros night - I played a couple of games, took a shower, and went right in with the helix. It started out fine just like most other sessions, and I even contemplated switching out for the maximus because for some reason I always yearn for size and girth, almost even bought the progasm recently...its a big turn on. Though I decided against it because in the past, switching models mid session typically didn't make it better, just wasted time and served as a distraction. So I just continued to relax and it began to feel really good, all the while I would put my hands above my head, on my belly, play with my nipples, or massage below my navel whilst continuing my contractions and deep breathing. As I went on, I suppose it just crept up on me - it felt even better, my breathing came very fast and a bit shallower almost hyperventilating, my PC and sphincter muscles furiously clenched and unclenched working with each other to give my prostate a thorough massage, and my pelvic area twitched and clenched almost uncontrollably. All this going on for minutes at a time, I couldn't help but let out soft moans as I lay in bliss.
    I was thoroughly satisfied but nowhere near ready to fall into slumber so throughout my 2hr+ session this happened to me I think three more times. I switched positions a couple of times from on my back, to on my belly, to on my side. While it all felt amazing, I only orgasmed while lying on my back. At first I thought it was weird that the first two times it happened without the aneros inserted but didn't think terribly much of it because hey it felt good. Waking up this morning was pleasant as I just relaxed in bed for over an hour as the pleasure still radiated from my prostate with every breath.
  • madmickmadmick
    Posts: 58
    Count yourself lucky.
    I got my aneros from a website and threw the box and gubbins away.
    So now i've no idea of the model i've got.
    I think it's an helix ,
    butt they all look alike.
    Till i've made my mind up as to what model i have, i will not purchase another till i know what i have now.
    It's no good splashing out dosh because i could buy the exact same again.
    Unless i grow another arsehole, i'm sticking with my white one.
    Had learnt on a website about dry orgasms some 2 or 3 yrs ago.
    It says when you have a dry 'o', the spunk goes into the bladder and makes the piss all clowdy.
    There's a dint or dent between the hole and nuts.
    I won't say wholenuts :)
    Now if you press this when having a tug you have a dry one.
    A bit of an oxymoron, but a damp squib :)
  • Well that's a whole different kind of "dry orgasm" ! Make no mistake, an aneros-induced dry orgasm is all about the contractions, without the release of semen, no blocking of anything. This is not bad for the health like the mentioned. technique, and doesn't cause a refractory period.

  • Yea, I am pretty sure no fluid was moving through any tubes and I try to steer clear of anything that will lead to retrograde ejaculation. This was just immensely pleasurable with each involuntary contraction serving to further it. Whatever terminology, this is certainly on a whole other level than anything I have experienced, thought i'd share ^_^