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What am i suppose to feel?
  • I bought a Helix. I used it twice so far (2nd time wasnt in a relaxing enivornment - i was at work at the office).

    Neither time have i noticed any sensation on my prostate. Instead, I feel a slight aggravating sensation (plainly, it's the sensation that something is too far up my butt).

    I know what a prostate massage feels like. I've massaged it with my fingers as well as with a dildo.
    I noticed that my prostate is not that far up inside (it seems like it's immediately behind my penis).
    If i press in that area i get that peeing sensation. If the prostate is swollen at the time, then I definitely get the dribbling/oozing of semen.

    Unfortunately, i never get this sensation when using the Helix.
    Is it possible that the helix is too long? It does almost feel like it's hitting the wall above and beyond the prostate. I looked into the SGX, and it's about the same size!

    So to paraphrase:
    When i contract my sphincter and/or PC muscles, should I feel the sensation of the Helix rubbing/pressing against the prostate?
  • Try making darn sure you completely empty your bladder before you use it. I know that for me if I have to go it will feel like I have to go pee really bad. I disagree you have to have a relaxing environment. I've only been using mine for about a month and sometimes I put it in and do chores around the house, etc. Makes me way hot. LOL.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    The Helix sensation is very subtle. Very subtle. You really do think that nothing is touching at all. How wrong can you be!

    It's because it causes a gentle caressing that it gets its results. Don't despair -- it takes time. Give it time and patience, and don't bring along any preconceptions.

    I've had my Helix since Friday August 5th. The first time I used it, I also thought, "It's all hype! I can't feel anything at all. I've wasted my money (again) on another crappy toy." and put it back in the box.

    I didn't look at it again until the following Monday, but then I made a mistake in douching, irritated my haemorrhoid into bleeding and induced cramping. No play on Monday, then.

    So, on Wednesday night, I try again. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

    I remember there's a forum and wiki, and hit that. There's a lot to pick up, and it seems to make no sense at all. I see a suggestion about a hypno CD, so I buy it, download that and try it. Hypnosis doesn't do much for me, but I thought it might help relax me and get the timing of contractions etc. right. Nope. I curse myself again for throwing good money after bad.

    Fortunately for me, I was so fed up with things that night that I fell asleep with the Helix still inside me.

    After a single full sleep cycle -- mine tend to be about four hours, and there would be two of those a night -- I am awakened by an unfamiliar feeling. I'm having a hot flush which gradually turns into an non-ejaculatory orgasm. WTF? I try a few gentle contractions and it happens again.

    The following night wasn't as fruitful, but then I knew that there was something possible with this curious little lump of white plastic.

    Saturday night/Sunday morning (sounds like the name of a film), I tried the "do nothing" technique I'd read about and was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked. The expected orgasm proved elusive, so I started voluntary contractions. Nice sensations but no reward for all the exertions. Went to sleep with it in, hoping that lightning would strike twice. Sadly disappointed.

    After 12 hours with the Helix in, I stumble on a way of provoking full body shakes. Progress! That's one of the milestones from the Wiki page.

    Feeling very good about this, I write up my experience on the forum here and join the chat to brag about this. I was lucky to find someone on chat who effectively said, "Yes that's great, but you're going about things the wrong way."

    I'm now, several days later, at the point where my most recent session was lying there doing absolutely nothing but breathing and concentrating on relaxing completely, and finding that after 90 minutes I'd had several P-waves and possibly some mini-Os, with the feeling that I'm being tormented by a sadist that lets me go so far but not quite far enough. Now, just sitting in a chair with nothing inside me, I've a throbbing prostate two and a half hours after the end of that session that, if I concentrate on it, springs to life and starts to give me very pleasurable sensations.

    Less really is more in this case. Don't try -- relax, feel, experience, go with the flow. It's been an amazing trip for me so far, and I think it will only get better with each successive session.

    That said, I wouldn't advocate a total "do nothing". At times, it seems that my body needs suggestions as to how to do things, and a tiny voluntary contraction in one muscle will often then or slightly later be enthusiastically taken up as a subsequent involuntary contraction.

    PS. I've not masturbated since this Saturday morning. This is deliberate. I've a hunch that if I masturbate now, it'll deaden things for a few days. I've also been told that a few days of complete abstinence might heighten things when I eventually do come back to Madame Helix.

    (Sorry for such a long post. I'm still bubbling over from the session earlier.)
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    To follow up my own post. This night's session has been a breakthrough.

    I started as I had before. Same routine: douche, 5ml of lube squirted inside, lightly coat the Helix with Vaseline, insert, check the P-tab is against the right bit of skin (no lubrication there). Assume the classic position: on back, pillow underneath hips, knees up, feet flat on bed. And relax... (The "do nothing" technique, remember?)

    Within two minutes I had a tingle that spread, and spread and didn't stop spreading. My sinuses popped and gurgled. The tingle became more intense and then turned into a spreading euphoric glow, which I recognised from my best penile orgasms, but which had been so fleeting and elusive. This one was not fading away at all -- it plateaued.

    After several minutes at that level another tingle spread, and the euphoria ratcheted up a notch. But there were no contractions at all. At some point during this I must have had a short sleep -- how I don't know. I woke from that with another cranking up of the sensations.

    Then a slight feeling of nausea and a light tensing of the abdominal muscles. Then another tingle and the next level.

    And then, suddenly, the plug was pulled and it all drained away over about 10-15 seconds.

    Taking the chance of a breather I looked at the clock and was surprised to see it was two hours since I had started.

    As soon as I moved my head back from looking at the alarm clock, there was a sudden forceful clamping of the abs, thigh and buttock muscles, so forceful that it was painful. When that allowed me to, I rolled on to my side, breaking the spell, and considered my options.

    If I continued, I reckoned I'd lose the whole night of sleep. I can wait. There is more and it's going to be fun.

    It's now half an hour afterwards. I'm making myself a cup of cocoa and writing it up here. I'm so wired at the moment that I need something to calm me down.

    Not bad for someone who thought that he'd bought an expensive lump of plastic junk only a week ago.

    Your mileage may vary. Past performance is no predictor of future performance. Erections can go up or down. etc. etc.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    I've shared my highs. It's only fair to share the duds too.

    After a weekend away from the Helix, I was keen to try again. The first ten minutes of the session followed the pattern of the good ones I'd had on Tuesday and Wednesday, but there was no building of sensation at all. I could feel the prostate engorging and the blood pulsing in it, but it didn't progress any further.

    I'd just driven home for three hours, so I guess I wasn't relaxed enough. I'm not going to let it put me off.