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link to buy the key sound/ksmo?
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    For the people who have purchased it; what exactly is included , and is it worth the purchase?
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    Orgasm Forum - Last longer enjoying The Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger for Men and Women?

    Old Forum with LOTS of info:-)
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    Ya get a pdf wth all the latest protocol info whihc is basicaly a How-To and it should be FOLLOWEED TO THE LETTER! but you can experiment too on ya days off :-)
    Ya sldo get an mp3 seminar with Jack telling ya all about it and how to do it, Q/A section thers also interviews with the people who have masted it in audio too if ya buy those too + entire forum archive uif ya buy that one. :-)

    Is it worth it?
    Im not adept but ive been doing it for 7months now and i can say, without a shadow of a doubt that KSMO IS SOMETHING VERY FUCKIGN SEPCIAL!
    Ive had waves of eurphoria, relaxation waves, mind and heart opening to new feelings, sudden waves of love washing over me, full on visual halucinations(ive taken magic mushrooms many toimes(i DO NOT have hppd or flashbacks) to i know an halucination when i experiance one), changing and new forms of these effectgs comming voer time, evolution of theses effects, experiancing chi forming my my belly and it ecxpanding thorugh my chest to my chin, other times the chi forms in my heart, ksmo gives you recognition signals when you "realise" somethign to which i have now had 2 one was a forming of an electical band accors my upper abs and then it collected in the center an dover about 5 secs slowly moved up the centre of my body and into my body and faded at the lvl of my heart. ksmo has also given me the ability to have lucid dreams twice! whereby i litteraly walked into a dream while completely awake and stayed lucid through it right to the end.

    But im sure you wanan know about orgasms right?
    I havnt had a dry orgasm with it yet, but if i relax when i go over the ponr now i do get some bodyness effects too... but first time that happened was in january rioght near when i first started BUT it has progressed and that bodyness starts earlier and earlier through stimulation now, if my girl reads me well enough she can back off durign that, the bodyness continues and ejac reaction subsides faster than the bodyness and she then increases stim again, bringn both up and roll off again which keeps the bodyness going but no ejac :-)

    So is it woth the money? -Y-E-S- it is to me even though i see no orgasm in sight for many many years yet :-) but ya gotta realy follow protocol and really listen to yoru internal emotional subconcious and heal any wounds that pop up ect.

    From what ive seen adn read ect it seems that the aneros is a faster route to dry orgasms than ksmo but ksmo has far far far far more to offer than the aneros does in terms of orgasmic quality and ksmo just keeps progressing for the rest of ya life if ya keep practicng :-D

    Hers a recent post but hardcore-adept mogg
    I’ve described my own orgasmic events as “fractal” on occasions so I’ll try to describe what I take that to mean in terms of my own experience.

    There comes a point in one’s progress along the KSMO trail when the true full-bodied orgasms begin to materialise. Then, as they develop and grow, various parts of the body which are subordinate to the torso (such as arms, armpits, legs, shoulders, face and the top of the head) can become more and more sensitive and involved in the orgasmic process so that some areas can, if touched, generate not only total orgasm but also orgasmic sensations that can be very different to the ones normally associated with traditional orgasm. These can be so radical that they, in my experience (and that of others I think), can lie completely outside and above the realm of even the strongest traditional ejaculative events.

    After becoming able regularly and reliably to generate these powerful erotic sensations they can grow and expand to become more profound and ever stronger so that ongoing sessions can suddenly throw up novel and entirely unprecedented sensory extremes. Sometimes there occurs an orgasmic event which is so radically new in character and strength that it can surprise and even alarm. These can take a bit of getting used to.

    But a very satisfying and fulfilling result is that these new sensations become firmly established into ongoing sessions and so become incorporated into one’s catalogue of regular orgasmic components - such is progress along the KSMO trail!

    But new and even more surprising events can suddenly burst upon the scene and one learns not to be alarmed when they occur.

    Such advances can sometimes escalate within a short period so that, incredibly, one’s orgasmic potential can seem to double in the space of just a few days! I’m currently experiencing one such phenomenon and it’s as if I’m passing through another gateway, but an extended one - a truly “fractal” experience!

    Good luck,

  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    Thanks, more expensive then i thought, 70-130 bucks.

    can i get away with just the 70 buck version? or am i missing out on critical information?
  • I bought the expensive version but I think ya gtt extra is the interviews and the web archive but theres also an extra seminar thing but its all basicaly very simple really. The pdf and the sound are the main things really but the seminar with jack is good too :-)
    Its just a matter of following the protocol and relaxing and letting go ect.
    Think of it like a meditation and your halfway there :-)
    I had a prob with mind-noise(brain thinkiing when it should be focusing) so I looked on the net for some simple concentration exercises which helped me alot :-)