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Enema, who does them? which equipment? which form do you use, water or herbal?
  • Hay all :-)

    I was contemplating doing this so my interiors are all cleaned out for my aneros ect and started wondering how often aneros users do this. So i looked into it and found theres many types of enema, including coffee! hehehe
    I found the following info on them:-

    and found a simple kit:-
    Enema Kit for home use

    Just interested in peoples thoughts on this ect, experiances, is it worth it? ect

    Thx for ya time :-)

    p.s. If theres been a big discussion on this allready then a link would be cool instead/too :-)
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    My prep routine for an Anerosgasmic-session: ... a normal bowel movement followed about 20minutes later by a couple of quick rinses using a "Shower Shot." Then I have a relaxing shower and lube up.

    Shower shots:

    Not this one: -- ‪Shower Shot‬‏ - YouTube --

    This one: -- Mr-S-Leather Complete Anal Douche "Shower Shot" Kit with Deluxe Aluminum Nozzle: Health & Personal Care -- :D

    An earlier poll --*do-you-enema-first-12073/ -- indicated a three-way split between, "Never," "Always" & "Sometimes"

    Personal opinion: A few ounces of warm water, repeated once or twice spikes my intial pre-shower arousal. The resulting clean feeling helps me relax going into the session. A large conventional enema depleates my sensual energy. I prefer to save that energy and trade it for a more extended chain of orgasms. --- m2¢w
  • Wow those resukts are tied heheehe, 48 each heh.
    Thx for the links and experiances :-)
  • I bought "The Booty Douche" from Racy. Makes things really easy, and it has a hilarious name.

    Booty Douche - Black - Enema and Douche - -

    I do a few shots after evacuating and it makes things just great.
  • Ah ok! never seen those b4 n google serch brings up loads of anal douche's too :-)
    Cheers :-D
  • Hello there Growing. :)

    This is my first post. I'd intended to post a few questions first, but this thread caught my attention; so I figured I'd lend a few words.

    Enema, who does them? which equipment? which form do you use, water or herbal?

    I do. I could say I'm a decent amount of experienced with them. I started messing around with the general idea not too long after I started masturbating forever ago.

    I use one of the plastic syringes very similar to the one in this link: Lubricant Applicator

    The primary reason I use it is more due to convenience. I was able to pick one of these up at a local drug store for relatively cheap. I'd intended to use it as an internal lubricant applicator. (Which, from what I can tell, it functions adequately as.) But I found it a much better (and more discreet) item to use than something more professional.. or the improvised devices I've used over the years. I simply insert just the tip (though once I'm more relaxed, it seems more does slip right in.). I usually fill the syringe several times before I 'let loose'; so I'd consider it a more involved tool than the other options out there. Still experimenting to get the right mix of methods.

    I'd say that, while it 'works' I wouldn't consider it ideal for the task. The biggest thing I'd say is that the jet of water is pretty powerful; so you really have to finesse it out. This is difficult. The seal on the one I have is great (a huge pro) so once you apply enough pressure to get the plunger moving; it could be considered too much for many. I seriously don't recommend giving a 'maximum shove'; that probably would hurt, do damage; ect.

    Another con might be that that the tip is quite short; really only makes it in far enough to 'almost' make it the full way into the anus. I sorta make sure I'm relaxed or 'pushing', pretty much like when you are excreting; and it works fine without spitting half the water back out. The tip is pretty thin though, so it goes in pretty easy. Also note: I wouldn't recommend one of these for anal newbies. The cons just wont jive, at all, with that. (At least I don't think so). might want to also use caution if you are pushing it beyond the tip. Abrupt edges are never insertion happy.

    I simply use lukewarm water. It's been suggested you try and match the temperature with a normal body temperature. I find using a finger to feel out the temp till I think it's neither hot or cold works well.

    Just interested in peoples thoughts on this ect, experiances, is it worth it? ect

    I would say it can be worth it. Sometimes it can even be very enjoyable; even quite stimulating. Though, I have learned one big thing about enema's: Overdoing it is just plain irritating. The wiki mentions this
    here: Getting Started - Aneros Wiki

    I think Rook made the point with his comment:

    A large conventional enema depleates my sensual energy.

    Less is certainly better. Otherwise you may find yourself on the toilet for quite some time; wondering if you are empty or not, experiencing lower abdominal discomfort; etc etc. If water gets into you too far, later on, after you though you were done, you may find you weren't and that can be messy.

    I hope this helps! I figure it will help someone. It's just as important to know what not to do as it is what to do; and it may simply be informative at least as far as those syringes are concerned.