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Available in stores?
    Posts: 9
    Hi guys!

    I was wondering if aneros is available in regular sex shop stores or not. I'm not from the US but I'll be in Orlando, Miami an NY this month (and sometimes again in these cities in the future). Is it possible to find it in these cities or it's just possible to buy it online?

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    Yes indeed there are many retail stores (
    brick and mortar) that carry Aneros products world wide. If you go to the Aneros home page and look on the top right hand corner you will find a tab for Retailers . Click on that and you should be able to find a store in the area that you desire.

    In New York alone there is: the Pleasure Chest, Toys in Babeland (2 locations), Sexy Spirits, and Eve's Garden to name a few. Of those Pleasure Chest and Toys in Babeland would be my favorites. Click on the balloons and it will display addresses and phone numbers.

    BF Mayfield