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Im a 23 year old male...jst got the mgx today...:-)
  • dexleedexlee
    Posts: 2
    I only had one session. I jst got it today. But nothing really happened:-/ am I doing something wrong? I did ejeculate when I lub the inside of my rectum... it wasn't an orgasm. It jst felt like I had to pee and a lot of prostate fluid came out. But that was before I but the aneros in:-/ but after that it pretty much was nothing...
    My questions are:

    What's th best way to use the aneros...? Which way should you lay? On your back? Stomach...?
    Are there any non-porn videos that can give me instructions..? Or at the least a demonstration of its use..?
    feel free to e-mail them to me [email][/email]

    How often and for how long should it be used..? Can it be left in all night..? If so What are the benits of doing that?

    Anymore other tips would be awesome!
  • joccojocco
    Posts: 90
    Hi dexlee,

    I'm sure you'll be contacted by one of the senior members, but I can tell you that this site contains a wealth of knowledge! Go to General Discussions on the Forum board, and read through all the Stickies (posts that remain at the top, given the value of their content). Read the Wikis, join in on chats in the chat room, start a blog of your progress, etc. Know that many of your questions can be answered through the info already at your fingertips, but when you can't find them, ask. What makes this journey unique is the community that comes along with it!