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Newbie with some questions after 2 sessions
  • rckrck
    Posts: 32
    I've read B's thread and its very helpful...just a lot to remember.

    I've had 2 sessions with the helix and have a couple of questions from these sessions.

    First session I ussed lube externally and on the helix because I didn't have a delivery method. 2nd session I put a light coat of vaseline on the helix and shot about 4 ml of lube in my rectum. During neither session did I ever feel like the helix was moving on it's own. In reading the testimonials/forum I've read where people can feel it moving over their prostate all by itself. I've felt no movement at all, other than when I contract. And even that doesn't feel like movement as much as pushing it against me. So, am I missing something and should I be using more lube, or is it not the common occurance to actually feel the helix moving within you?

    Also, I tend to alternate between periods of contractions and periods of relaxation. I'm having trouble with the contractions because I'll start out with light, quick contractions (maybe 4 during an exhale) and it feels nice. But the more it feels, the more I end up tensing. I contract a little harder and a little quicker until it spends my muscles so all I end up with is one long, hard contraction. That feels nice briefly, but I know this is not the road to the promised land. Are there any exercises or techniques people have used to fight the urge to quicken/strengthen the contractions?

    My most enjoyment seems to come from periods of relaxation (no contractions) when i'm trying to focus on whatever I'm described as a light buzz or pressure where the helix is. Focus on the buzz and a drifting mind into erotic thoughts produces a nice state of affairs. But, however pleasant that is (and it is pleasant!) it seems a million miles away from anything that would approach an orgasm. Is this the right path?

    Lastly, maybe this is a sign of progess. When I was doing contractions in my second session, sometimes a light contraction of my sphincter would result in what I can only describe as a repercussion effect up through my butt, ball, and into my penis. If I contract once I would feel about four or five rapid, light, involuntary, mini-contractions (say "boom,boom,boom,boom" as fast as you can) run through what feels like a tube from my butt up into my penis. It's almost like I could feel my flaccid penis move during these. Is this normal? Is this progress?

    Thanks for any and all suggestions/help.
  • imperiumimperium
    Posts: 92
    So to be honest i rarely ever feel like answering newbies questions because.
    A.) I really have no good concrete answers, just my own impressions.
    B.) A vet will come in 10 minutes after i post and put it into perfectly simple bits of knowledge, always making me feel dumb in the end.

    Here is my advice from my impressions from where i am on my aneros journey.

    ~Ive been using aneros since this February, and still have yet to get true involuntary movement of the aneros in the way we are expecting.

    ~Having your most pleasant and powerful feelings when you are relaxing and focusing on the sensation is exactly how i started. Getting a good system for always relaxing the same way is my advice to work on drawing those feelings into stronger ones.

    ~You are making progress, it may not feel like it now, but the more you forget about that end result and better you get at focusing on what you do experience, the more rewarding each session will become.

    Edit: if you happen to read this right now as i just posted, then hop on chat if you like, i will be on for a bit here.
  • rckrck
    Posts: 32
    Thanks Imperium, sorry I missed chat; would have liked to have been there. Thanks for the advice!
  • imperiumimperium
    Posts: 92
    Chat runs all weekend.
    If you stop by and stay with some patience somebody will be around with good answers to your questions.
    I will be on chat tonight some time araound 9:30-10pm CA time.