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Will the wiki have a guide?
  • tycioltyciol
    Posts: 3
    I am looking for steps of acclimation and how to use the Aneros device and am wondering if there will be a series of page articles to explain the steps.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,375

    Could you expand upon what you are looking for as "steps of acclimation"? The Sticky thread Helpful Links for New Members gives an overview and linkages to various information resources on this website, perhaps that is what you may be looking for? From the Aneros Learning Center, the manufacturer has already provided basic use Instructions. The instructions given in the Learning Center are just a suggested list of beginners guidelines for starting the learning process (they are NOT rules), so don't feel bound to follow them strictly. The path/journey toward the Super-O is more than the attaining of a certain state of sensual/sexual/physical arousal. This process involves your "awakening" your prostate, listening to your body, becoming more attuned to the many subtle feelings being generated and then gently nurturing those feelings into heightened physical and emotional states. Each person is unique so the steps along the pathway will differ for each one of us, there is no ONE formula for progress. Unfortunately there is no definitive guide to follow to reach the Super-O and I suspect there never will be. The purpose of the Aneros WIKI was to provide as much objective information as we could draw from user posts and other sources to aid men in this unique journey.

    There have certainly been many, many diverse techniques which have been reported by individuals, but no techniques have been found to be universally successful. Those techniques included within the WIKI are only there because there is general consensus for their effectiveness. Even so, there exist paradoxes between methodologies, wherein seemingly opposing approaches can each produce successful outcomes.

    It is curious that you joined the Forum membership more than 5 years ago (even prior to myself) and are only now making your first posts here, I am wondering what has happened in the interim?