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Uh oh! Sensations are going...
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 217
    Hi all!

    Dropped from using the Aneros recently for three or so weeks. Going back to the exercises and all - now something is off. Any sensations I would muster before from contractions - anal/rectum to be specific, won't happen, or at least be incredibly faint (from luck). Techniques that would invoke P-Waves simply don't work regardless of how relaxed I am.

    My hunch is my body and mind have now become accustomed to the sensations I experienced before with or without the Aneros. They've adapted, and gotten 'use' to it, so to speak! My mind just doesn't react to sensations whatsoever.

    It could just be that I need to practice more with the Aneros and fine-tune to the sensations. (I wasn't rewired or ever came close to a Super O before, so...) I don't know if anyone else here had a scenario wherein sensations just numbed out from too much experience. The first times doing something do always bring about the biggest shocks and surprises after all.

    The case here could be the video I posted before of 'Why you can't have Full-Body Orgasms'. My body has armoured itself up after all the previous experiences with contractions and what not. If that's so, that's a big issue because trying to work around this is pretty difficult from what I hear (since it's a natural occurrence) Again, it may not be this. I've only used the Aneros two or three times so far after the break. (Granted the majority of progress happens outside of Aneros, I think?)

    Another odd case is that trying to contract the anal sphincter has become...a little more difficult. The other muscles - guessing the PC's, have had so much unintended workouts that they've bloated and strengthened to a point where it's easy for them to suddenly snatch control away from the anal contractions. The rolling trick from Quick and Dirty Path may have had something to do with this, but maybe it's not too big of a deal.

    Anyone else had these weird circumstances?