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Hemorrhoids and aneros and other toys?
  • dunzdunz
    Posts: 91
    I wonder should people who have hemorrhoids better not use any prostate massagers or other stuff?
    I think I have hemorrhoids because recently I have some burning and itching and also once some red blood.
    Also when I look at my exit in the mirror then it doesn't look like you'd expect it from porn where you basically only see the hole. But in my case you there are 3 or 4 small cushions around it. I guess those are external hemorrhoids. What's also strange is that even though I've been to proctologists in the past, and back then it already looked the same way as today, they never told me that I have external hemorrhoids. Maybe they didn't think it's important to mention it. :confused:
    Somehow those "cushions" suck and sometimes they are also pressure sensitive but I guess there's no way to get rid of them and I wouldn't want surgery because of this.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,754
    My experience has been positive and I've not had either Aneros or Peridise toys aggrevate either internal or external 'roids. To the contrary, the Peridise seems to compress internal hemorrhoids and promote healing, I'd suspect that healing accrues from improved blood circulation in the area.

    Generally, if I have at least two Peridise or Aneros sessions each week and eat a high fiber diet, I'll not have any hemmoroid issues. However, long car or airplane trips can conspire with poor diet to cause flare ups.

    If I'm having a major flare-up, I do the following:

    -- avoid 'roughhousing' (aggressive play) with the Aneros until the irritation is arrested.
    -- Use a well lubed Peridise (remember that it was initially designed specifically to treat 'roids) for a quiet session with slow but definite contractions to compress the 'roid.
    (see instructions at: -- Hemorrhoid Massage -- High Island Health is the parent company of Aneros)
    -- Limit my play to just the Aneros tools with a round stem (SGX, MGX, Helix, Maximus, Eupho, Tempo and Peridise) until I'm completely well.
    -- I'll also put a small dab of an ointment around the stem (bottom few millimeters) of the tool. (making sure the material is approved by the FDA for internal use -- double check since many are not so approved).

  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    I concur with all that rook has said above.

    I too used to suffer from haemorrhoids but a high fibre diet has helped in reducing the severity of them, although I found they didn't completely go away.

    I obtained the complete set of Peridise from HIH (called Peristal by them) and have found since regular use of them and following the instructions supplied by HIH, my haemorrhoids have all but disappeared and are no longer of any concern to me at all. I now use the second smallest one for just a couple of hours each week but I believe that regular Aneros sessions with other models (such as Eupho and Helix), also help. I'm not a user of the larger Progasm or Vice models.

    Try the complete set of Peridise models and I wish the success I have had. I believe you will find it worth it.
  • Red_ManRed_Man
    Posts: 36
    I've experienced hemorrhoid flareups for over 30 years, but these are extremely rare in the last 10 years inclusive of Aneros use. My secret (embarassing) is shower enema's whenever the telltale signs of itching occur. I think that by keeping the area clean for a couple of days, it allows the delicate tissues to heal on their own. But that's just my two cents. I can't promise that Aneros helps the problem, but I'll assure you that these products will do no harm.
  • dunzdunz
    Posts: 91
    the peridise would be safe even if someone has hermorrhoids?
    I wonder is there absolutely nothing one could do wrong or somehow cause problems when using such a device?
    Somehow the peridise is interesting but I don't really know what one could expect from it. This one video where the guy freaked out and shook
    was a bit disturbing. Is it even normal or healthy to cause such spams in the anal canal?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,435

    [QUOTE=dunz;99394]the peridise would be safe even if someone has hermorrhoids?
    The Peridise is the Aneros version of the High Island Health Peristal massagers. I encourage you to read the Hemorrhoid FAQ for appropriate applicability conditions.I wonder is there absolutely nothing one could do wrong or somehow cause problems when using such a device?Problems could be caused by using an inappropriate anal lubrication or one which causes an allergic reaction, introducing harmful bacterial via an unsanitary device, straining or excessive contractions during use, using the device contrary to the manufacturers instructions and ignoring the cautions for incompatible usage.Somehow the peridise is interesting but I don't really know what one could expect from it. This one video where the guy freaked out and shook
    was a bit disturbing. Is it even normal or healthy to cause such spams in the anal canal?"...guy freaked out...", you're projecting a potentially false inference here, while the throes of full body orgasmic spasms can be dramatic to see, IMHO labeling that as a form of psychotic break instills an unwarranted fear in your own psyche. One needs to understand that orgasms are indeed healthy events for our bodies, our very DNA is encoded to experience them. One also needs to understand and be careful with the term "normal", what is "normal" for one human being may be unknown or unusual for another but it wouldn't necessarily be abnormal if they did or did not experience a similar episode. The range of what constitutes normalcy can be quite wide and is often only a matter of opinion, not objective standards.
  • dunzdunz
    Posts: 91
    That sounds like you could do a few things wrong. I mean what does "inappropriate lubrication" mean? Or how can you introduce harmful bacteria in the rectum which is already full of bacteria? Sounds almost like you have to work under surgical conditions and everything has to be totally sterile.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,435

    Come on 'dunz', you know what inappropriate lubrication means, anything that says for "FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY" is inappropriate lubrication, motor oil, automotive grease, WD40, etc. those are all inappropriate lubrications. Use good common sense, select materials which are intended to be used as "personal lubricants" and you should be fine. Yes the rectum and lower colon contain a plethora of bacterial colonies living in symbiotic harmony within us but when you introduce a foreign object into that environment, you want to make sure you are not introducing a harmful pathogen as well. Taking care to thoroughly wash your massagers before use greatly reduces the chances of introducing harmful bacteria which could have contaminated the surface of your device since its last use, again this is just using good common sense. If you wish to go the very high sterile route you certainly may, there is nothing to stop you from doing so, but that is probably not necessary.

    Understand there is an element of risk in any human activity, life involves making decisions which do not always have outcomes in accord with our conscious desires. If you are so concerned with safety aspects, have difficulty exercising sound judgement or can not tolerate certain levels of risk, then the use of these personal massagers may not be a good option for you.
  • forgemanforgeman
    Posts: 44
    I used to have regular bleeding from my 'roids' and amazingly enuf it has not occurred since starting to use the aneros.
  • dunzdunz
    Posts: 91
    Is washing the aneros with soap really enough? I'd rather doubt that cause if I use my finger and then wash it with soap then I have to wash it at least 10 times before it really seems and smells clean again. Usually I also put it in alcohol just to be safe. Can you put the aneros in alcohol or could it destroy the pvc?

    And as for lubricant safety... some here recommend using oils like walnut oil but I doubt that this is really safe. Just because you can eat it doesn't mean you can also use it as lube. You can also eat sugar but that doesn't mean it would be good for a woman to use honey as lube.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Methinks you worry far too much!

    I have never heard of anyone coming to harm from the use of any of the Aneros devices or from using any of the several variations of lubrication suggested by various users of them.

    If you have fully read the Aneros wiki and follow the advice given therein, it is extremely unlikely that you would experience any adverse results at all.

    If you have so many problems with this activity and the advice being offered still causes you to be concerned, my advice would be to give the whole thing away and try some other activity to give you some fun. I can't help feeling that if it concerns you so much that you would be unable to clean yours hands sufficiently after putting your finger near your anus, you probably need to seek some councellng.
  • Hi.
    Me personally, I shove 'Germolene' (or 'prep H' or Anusol') or whatever, on the Aneros and it gets rid of the itching I can tell you. A couple of hours up the old ring soaked in one of these salves is a godsend in my humble opinion.
    Or maybe this is an inflamed prostate, coz I have never been diagnozed with the 'grapes'. I just self diagnozed myself.
    Is there a doctor in this forum? :)
    P.S. I do know I have a stomach ulcer and if I forget to pick up my prescription ( more often than not ) I get awful ( now how can I put it without having to look up the word ) 'runs'. In other word I find myself stuck on the pot rather too much and therefore 'straining'. :(
  • manlymuscmanlymusc
    Posts: 7
    I have very rare outbreaks of hemmies but notice they occur almost annually like during spring which is a stressful time physically. I have the Peridise set of four and never really used them on a regular basis. I recently had an episode and didn't know if it was from lifting too much weight or what. After about a week I started using the large Peridise and am trying to do it twice a week regularly now. After two sessions I could tell a difference and did not feel the enlargement or swelling when inserting a finger.

    dunz, I always had issues with the "back door" and wanted to get over some of the phobia and loosen up a bit. I read a great book entitled, "Anal Pleasure and Health" by Dr. Jack Morin which I highly recommend to you.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,754
    First, I'm not a doctor -- just been around the block a few times.

    This warning is offered since this Forum discussion crosses International boundaries.

    Many excellent ointments and cremes are not OK for internal use (inside the outer sphincter). These are intended for use on skin and tissue irregularities surrounding the anus and provide amazingly fast healing or quickly arrest external itching or pain.

    A specific brand and variety (right down to the artwork on the label) may have different ingredients in two different regions of the world. The product you buy in New York may have a different formulation from the same product that's sold in London or Canada.

    This was true of Prep-H "Ointment" and some of the "Cremes" for several years. In one country the forumlation includes safe ingredients while in another country it's offered with extra ingredients to promote rapid healing of external 'roids. Those healing ingredients may make the product unsuitable or perhaps unsafe for internal use or application to an Aneros tool.

    "Bottom line" (no pun intended). Read the entire label before you use it. Don't assume that a particular brand name product that you bought last year or in a different country is the same as the what you see in a store this year.

    You cannot assume that someone's experience in the United States with a specific brand and type of product will be the same for what appears to be the same product formulated for sale in another region of the world.

    If this doesn't give you pause, consider the possibility of counterfeit ingredients. If the label looks a bit "fake" you might do well by assuming the worst before you use it internally.