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anerosless orgasms now abundant
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    It has been a long slow journey for me but after four years of regular use I recently began having dry orgasms. I don't feel I have reached a super O yet, but love what I do get, and just can't get enough of it, having a session every chance I get. It seems to be more of a calm seas orgasm that is often discussed here.
    Recently, I have been practicing semen retention after reading and re-reading "the multi orgasmic man" I had the hardest time in controling my ejaculations and was gettting a bit discouraged about that. I don't know what has changed (other than time- probably 6 months) but I now feel I have great control of my ejaculation during sex and try to limit my ejaculation to about once or twice a month. I think this has benifited my aneros sessions and I will have dry orgasms during sex and many without actual intercourse. If my wife stimulates my nipples it will most always result in an orgasm, but I have not been able to do that on my own (but I do sure try) I should mention I am in my mid 50's and have been married for 30 plus years.

    I have been having alot of back pain lately and have been seeing a chiropractor regularly. She recommended I try yoga. I am very fit and active and have done some yoga in the past but never really got much out of it. she gave me a training dvd where you follow along with the instructor for 30-45 minute sessions. I have been doing them regularly and it has helped my back pain. A couple nights ago, I had the desire to do one of my yoga routines. That was a bit different as I generally force myself to do them for the health benifits. Many of the positions are mostly stretching but some of them are very hard and strenous to hold and fatigues the muscles. At the end of the routine you do the corpse pose (just lay on your back with your hands at your sides and breath) for relaxation for 10-15 minutes. I had just settled into the corpse pose and it felt very good to relax. After about 5 minutes and strong wave came over me from my toes up to my head and I experienced a tremendous orgasm that lifted me off the floor and had me flopping about for several seconds. I have no idea where this came from?
    I was alone in the room and my wife came in and sat on the couch. I got up and sat next to her and placed my hand on her bare back and I immediatly felt my cock spring to attention. I mean if was the fastest hard on I have ever gotten. I said to her - we have to go have sex and off we went. For the next 2 hours I experienced several powerful dry orgasms most of them coming before any penetration took place. I put in the peridise and the thing drove me to act like a sex starved lunatic. We fucked for over two hours until we both fell into an exhausted pile.

    Although I have yet to achieve a super o from solo aneros use, I feel I experienced one that night while having sex with the wife. There is just no way I would be where I am now without the time spent with my aneros. If I never have a super O on my own, I think what I had will do just fine.
  • Sounds totally amazing! :D Im happy for you!

    I tried a aneros-less session one time after a pair of successfull aneros sessions, and did all the same things I usually did, like stretching to relax the muscles, lay down on my bed and try to relax completly, and most breath slow and deep. Then the orgasms just kicken in, making me suprised, just like I guess you where when it kicked in for you :)

    Its wonderful that the body can produce these things on its own without any tools or gadgets, but like you I think its thanks to the aneros, that have showed the way to these kind of orgasms and awaken the mind/body.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 850
    Awesome man! I have had Super-O's but have experienced none of the things you described. Sounds great. The grass is always greener on the other side. ;)
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    An update to my first post... I was trying to recreate the same situation as before.... was about the same time of day, a couple of days between sessions and I did the same yoga routine as before. When I finished and settled into the corpse pose I had wonderful sensations running through my body but did not end in any sort of orgasm. I decided to do a second routine and about half way through this routine an orgasm hit me just like before but this time it was during a pose (cobra pose) It was very intense and lasted for a couple minutes. My thought was that the first time this happened it came on totally unexpectedly and the next time I was looking for the orgasm. when it hit me during the yoga routine, I was once again caught off guard. I know this has been discussed at lenght that you can't get to an orgasm by wanting it or making it happen. Perhaps this is a big stumbling block for me for my aneros sessions? Now the big question is ... how can I acheive this sort of thing during a session? As much as I think I am relaxed, I obviously am not.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Congratulations thhn!! :D :D And mrs. t!! :D

    Don't discount your Calm Seas Super-Os, for that is what they are! Still-Body Super-Os man!! You are still developing and enjoy your continuing processes and learning!

    all the very best to/for you both orgasmically and energetically ecstatically all

  • brinebrine
    Posts: 308
    Been Aneros-less orgasming for several months now. It is the best. And when having sex with my wife I almost always have mini, dry, and supers. I too get orgasmic when my wife plays with me. She can send me to super-land with just a few choice moves! Love it.

    Congrats, thhn.

    Brian - see you on the Calm Seas...
  • 24fps24fps
    Posts: 8
    Are you sure your are that fit?

    I've had two back injuries in my life but ever since I started working out 2 years ago the pain is pretty much gone now and I can sum it up for you in to words : strong abs.

    The stronger the abs are the stronger they can hold the back in place. Now I am not talking here about ab roller and/or similar devices. They are all useless. Also forget about crunches as they are also useless, situps and incline situps are the best. Once you get the proper form you will find that the lower back work as hard as the abs and that's normal. Give it a try instead of paying ridiculous amount of money to a chiro.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    First of all, thhn, congratulations on your progress, your sexual experiences have certainly changed for the better. What a pity it is that all men do not discover this in their lifetimes. There is no age limit to this potential as well.

    Secondly, I agree with 24fps on the ability to help the back by concentrating on strong abs. I am very fortunate to have a chiropractor who's objective is to have me not ever have to come back for treatment. He has counselled me at length about what I can do at home or at the gym that can help me with my chronic back issues. It has been remarkable what progress I have made.

    Last but not least, yoga. I recommend that everyone try at least 5 yoga sessions to give it a true test. You cannot experience its potential with one experience. The very basic thing it taught me was to slow it down, concentrate on the breathing and be more in tune with my body. This was a big step for me in my Aneros journey. There have been countless times during Savasana (corpse pose) that my sexual energy flowed effortlessly from head to toe.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    thank you guys for your support. I can assure you that I am very fit and most of my pain is a result of doing too much in the way of exercise or taking things a bit too far. I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to that and my first couple of yoga sessions resulted in a pulled muscle which reared its ugly head the next morning.
    You are right about the yoga Buster and giving it a chance. I have done P90X twice and always hated the yoga routine. But since I have found an easier and more gentle yoga routine, I have grown to love it. I used to work out daily but am now doing yoga in place of my workouts. When I can get my mind into the right frame, the yoga is a pleasure and I do love the savasana at the end. Twice it has resulted in orgasms but always I feel the sexual energy flowing.