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lube with out removing aneros
  • blezglopblezglop
    Posts: 1
    Hi every one started my journey yesterday.ordered a helix and the beginner peridise early last week they arrived saturday.have been playing around with them last couple of days learning how to move muscles and what not.tryed somthing differnt this afternoon, i orderd some shea butter also but its not hear yet so i am using astroglide and KY.when things seem too be getting dry instead of removing the aneros i inserted an injector along side of the aneros which aloud me too pinpoint the exact location that needed attenion.worked pretty neat i could feel the lube flowing around my aneros just where it was needed things where slipery again. from what ive been reading shea butter sounds like the way to go.i realy a appreciate this web site and the pepole who particpate in it becauseof all the great information . thanks alot.