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My Method
    Posts: 13
    I have found a technique that works best for me, and I think I am getting super-o's from it. First, I have to be fully clean down there or it is unpleasant. Finger the anus with lube, lube up the aneros (prograsm works best for this), and let it settle in and get relaxed. I have a Homedics Therapist electric (ac/mains) massager, which has two rubbery balls that adjust width wise. I put the adjusting vibrating balls about 1.5" apart, and press them over my upper scrotum, and focus the vibrations in the direction of the prostate while doing contractions. I also spread my legs and put the Homedics massager lower, above the p-tab, and press in. I breath deeply, and let the contractions build as my ass auto-fucks the aneros, and the area around my pubic bone, down to my inner thighs and my nipples become sensitive, engorged, and blissful. Wave after wave builds from the aneros and the perineum vibrations, and I moan, and writhe. When I did it today, I eventually began ejaculating without touching my penis, so I grabbed on and stroked at that point. In any event, I have trouble ejaculating from penile stimulation (apart from intercourse with my wife). Does this sound like a super o? I am thinking of making a video to share.
    Posts: 13
    I would like to add that these sessions are more satisfying than any sex or masturbation I had had in my whole life before aneros. They are easily better than my first ejaculation, which was very strong (and scared me because I had no idea what was happening).
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Sounds like a great storyboard for a vid !