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How do you tell when you have a Super-O?
  • thecandythecandy
    Posts: 15
    I had some pretty pleasureable sessions yesterday and today, but I'm not sure if I had any Super-O's. Are there any surefire 100% ways to tell a Super-O has occurred? For example, during a Super-O, is trembling an uncontrollable thing? Could you control your trembling if you tried? Also, is it possible to have a Super-O without methodic, slow deep breathing?

    Recently, I've had sessions where I start to have a body buzz, almost like an ecstasy body high, but not as strong. I have some involuntary twitches in my lower body, but not something that would make me tremble and want to moan like in some videos. At the end of these sessions, I would be longing for some sort of climax, so I used a japanese meiki toy (very accurate and realistic pussy-replica masturbator...I know the best place to buy them, so ask me if you want to know). I would reach traditional ejaculation climax and would be like AHHH theres the climax i wanted. If one does have a Super-O, and then masturbate to a Super-T afterward, would the Super-T be incomparable in pleasure to the Super-O?

    I just can't tell if I'm having Super-O's or not. Any help would be great. thanks
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,435

    I invite you to first read the definition of a Super-O in the Aneros WIKI. Secondly, please read 'B Mayfield's response (Brian coined the term Super-O) in Non-Ejaculatory response vs. Super-O
    Thirdly, please read 'Buster's thread What exactly is a Super-O? to get a wider perspective of what a Super-O is in reality.

    If you read through the descriptions cited in the Sticky: My First Super Orgasm... thread, you may dismayed by the variety of sensations/feelings reported. IMHO, there really are no [quote=thecandy;98865]...surefire 100% ways to tell a Super-O has occurred

    Ultimately each man's physical and psychic response to the Super-O experience is unique to him, so only he can make the determination if what he is experiencing is a Super-O or not. If you make the parameters of the definition too narrow for yourself you may never achieve one in your own mind. I prefer to accept a wide definition for the experience as a non-ejaculatory orgasm which is qualitatively different from a traditional penile based, masturbation induced, ejaculatory orgasm.
  • thecandythecandy
    Posts: 15
    Hmm..ok so when people say they are having a Super-O, and they describe it as a rush of intense pleasure, I didn't have a "rush" of intense pleasure. I only had a slowly growing body buzz that eventually became a body buzz that felt pretty good, but not nearly as good and as much of a "rush" as an ecstasy body high. Also, it felt pretty good to flex my muscles and give strong massage to my thighs/happy trail area. I never had a "rush" as in "OH MY GOD HOLY SHIT", though. People say that a Super-O is much more intense than a traditional ejaculatory orgasm, but when I finished my session with a Super-T, the Super-T was much more of a climax and more intense than anything in the session (it had me uncontrollably moan, where as during the session, I could control my moans) (I had to control it because there were people in the house, haha). Does this sound like a Super-O or is there still more to be discovered for me?

    any other input would be appreciated as well from anyone. thanks!
  • The best rule of thumb for me is aftershocks... sometimes you can have little mini orgasms last for an hour or more. You can orgasm just by thinking about the super orgasm.