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Systemizing knowledge in the forum
  • The Aneros experience may seem to be an issue not suited for a systematic approach. However, the good response to CaveofMystery's indicates that there may be results to be achieved in this matter.

    While polls are somewhat useful in their current format, I think their usefulness could be enhanced by the addition of a certain feature.

    The Aneros Scale, or the O-Scale, or the Progress Bar, or whatever other moniker we might decide on.

    Often when I read poll answers, I wonder what degree of pleasure the replier has himself experienced and how well he is satisfied with it. I know that while my standard of complete success with the Aneros is the Super-O, others may have different goals, and so their suggestions may not be suited to my path.

    You've probably noticed that in my recent polls ( and ,) I've factored in success level with the poll answers, to lend a little more objectivity to the results.

    My suggestion is that as an [optional] part of their profile, each user have a scale on which he rates his experience or progress with the Aneros. It would be a feature that could be activated or deactivated. Upon activation, the user is introduced to the scale of measurement.

    Aneros experience scale, 1-10

    good feelings--indistinct feelings of goodness during aneros use
    P-wave -- a wave of distinct prostate pleasure
    hands-free orgasm -- an orgasmic experience brought on using the Aneros, not brought on by traditional masturbation
    Super-O -- a full-body orgasm identified by the thought of a greater sexual pleasure being unimaginable, or nearly so.

    1: I have not had much success with the Aneros and am fairly disappointed. It feels like an overpriced piece of plastic.
    3: Using the Aneros feels good somehow, but distinct, acute feelings of pleasure are rarely if ever present.
    5: I experience P-waves from the Aneros on a fairly regular basis, a kind of pleasure I probably would never have achieved without the device. I sometimes get sexual buzz from my prostate without the Aneros in.
    7: The Aneros brings me to hands-free orgasm on a fairly regular basis, and my sessions are more than satisfying. My sexuality outside of Aneros use amounts to a definite prostate awakening.
    9: I experience the Super-O on a fairly common basis with Aneros use.
    10: I consistently experience extended Super-O's with the Aneros and sometimes without it. I feel that I have reached an incredible and uncommon level of sexuality due in part to the Aneros. (Yet there may be more bliss to come, as the limits of my sexuality have already been pushed so far.)

    -end scale-

    So the idea is that when a user votes on a given poll, his vote would also come with the data of his progress on the O-Scale--his "Aneros number" or whatever. This way, we might be able to make out distinct trends in what poll options correspond to what pleasure levels.

    I believe this idea could really help us put together a more definite knowledge base around Aneros and the prostate awakening path to the Super-O. Give it an honest chance, and of course tell me what you think.