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Custom Aneros?
  • It just kind of hit me that a way to have an Aneros custom-made would seem like the obvious optimal setup for this product.

    Since we know that each man's anatomy and predisposition with his muscles down there causes different results with different Aneros's, doesn't it make sense that once a user has an idea how an Aneros could better suit him, he should be able to have it?

    For example, I think I'd like an Aneros with a bit less size than the Vice but more than the Helix, and a head that doesn't end in such a point like the Vice. (based on the anatomy chart that came with it, it seems like the Vice could possibly be poking the bladder more than necessary.) The material on the Vice is great, and I'd love to have the vibe included in my hypothetical custom Aneros. It seems that my perineum is a bit closer to my anus than the Aneros has been designed to stimulate or put pressure on (is there a mod for that?) etc.

    Sure, I realize that the main problem with this is probably the manufacturing aspect--it's much easier/more cost-effective to produce one model in mass than many slightly different individualized models. But then again, mightn't it be worth paying out the ass (... pun maybe intended) to get a truly personal Aneros experience?

    Then again, if you were wrong about what Aneros would work well for you, it could be a big disappointment for you and your wallet. Maybe a fitting method could somehow be devised. All this seems rather distant at this point in time, though.

    If you could design your own customized Aneros, what would it be like?
  • cyrezcyrez
    Posts: 109
    Yes, it would definitly be a cool thing to do, but pretty hard to realize.....thoose metallic form they use in the plastic machine are kinda ridicously expensive and takes a lot of work and effort to produce, and are ment for large scale production only. But from the look of things, aneros do like to experiment a lot, they got one model made of surgical steel that is computer lathed, they got one model made entirely out of silicarubber and another made out of acrylate.

    One way to do a custom aneros, would be to somehow make a mold out of your ass, that you send in to the aneros company, where they take measurments and computer generate a model thats just right for you, then use a 3d-printer to make a real life prototype that you can use as a base for a custom mold. The easiest way to make a custom mold of aneros is that you take your prototype shape that you got from the 3d-printer and create a mold out of gypsum, that you then dry in an oven, and then you poor the plastic that you're going to use in the mold to make the actual product to ship.

    Since this process is quite work intensive, the price for such a product would likely end up around a thousand dollar per custom aneros, but i think some people would actually love the idea of getting their hands on a customized aneros that is perfectly adjusted to your body. They already do custom molds for earplugs and stuff, so why not can only dream
  • ZenithZenith
    Posts: 22
    The forum sort of brushed with this idea in the Vice-mods thread -- --

    Specifically, that dealt with a modularized Aneros where different bodies, abutment arms and insertable electronics could be purchased and assembled in a mix-match fashion.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    The way to do it for mass production of customized Aneros devices would be to, as cyrez said, take a mold of the rectum, and send it to Aneros. They could digitize it to get its measurements, and develope a program to automatically design an Aneros to fit your rear. A model would be made of plastic with stereo lithography, and then smoothed. If a metal devise is desired, the plastic model could be used in a lost-wax casting process, after which the device would be smoothed and polished. Just hope that the right device is sent to you.
  • 420E420E
    Posts: 16
    Hey all,
    This was something I have been thinking about for some time.
    I love modifying and customizing everything I can.
    There are several 3d printers that are in the reach of some people who do a lot of tinkering
    The rep-rap, and makerbot, both capable of using several materials for producing parts..
    The resolution of the printers are alright but a little elbow grease with sandpaper, the outcome could be commercial quality
    I already wanted one but now I really want one.
    With a little modeling software and the dimensions of your favorite model, the results could be incredible.
    The best part is that you can make the changes and have it ready in a few hours,
    Im saving up..!
  • waveriderwaverider
    Posts: 51
    just get a Makerbot and have at it....easy to do and very possible. can carve a prototype out of wood very easily and finish it with a nontoxic finish that will make it nonporous. I've designed a few toys myself and much fun can be had here.
  • ZenithZenith
    Posts: 22
    When prototyping a new design, using the 'condom method' will save a lot of time. No need to apply a non-porous finish until the final version is completed.

    -- Advanced Skills - Aneros Wiki --
  • Wow, some really cool ideas bouncing around in here. :D
  • wontquitwontquit
    Posts: 43
    Making a mold of someones insides? Think about it for a second, its probably not really possible to do it exact when it comes to Aneros because its pretty tight in there unless something occupies it.

    Instead, they should have a straight, symmetrical object that is inserted which detects what areas are receiving different amounts of pressure and sends that information to a computer for analysis. This data, combined with size measurements, should be enough info to somewhat accurately construct a custom Aneros that suits that particular user. Though Im pretty positive that all of this would cost more than "about a thousand dollars" haha.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    See your local dental technician. Each is a master of "impressions."
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    [QUOTE=rook;98701]See your local dental technician. Each is a master of "impressions."

    I can just see it now: you ask the dentist to take a mold impression, and he tells you to open wide, so you turn around, drop your drawers, and spread your cheeks, and say, "ok, this one!" I think he'd either faint dead away, or laugh his fool head off. Not the smartest of moves, though. I'd advise against it.