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How do you tell when your prostate is sore?
  • thecandythecandy
    Posts: 15
    I was wondering if anyone knew how to tell when your prostate is sore. When I'm playing with my aneros, sometimes I feel like my prostate is glowing and under so much sensation (but still with little to none involuntary muscle twitches) that I'm not sure if its supposed to feel like that, or if it's just going numb because it is sore. How do you tell when your prostate is sore from too much massage?

    also, after i was unsuccessful in reaching super-o, i decided to just have a super-T. as i began stroking my shaft, it became complete flacid for a bit (9-10 seconds), then it came back up, but as I was stroking it erect now, i felt little pleasureable sensations like you would normal stroking, almost none. Now, after having the super-T orgasm, my buttock feels slightly tingly and numb, my prostate feels like its numb, too, and my penis has feeling stil, but i can't get it up without feeling a tightness in my prostate, and causing the penis to nto be able to become erect. any info or help please?
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    A tender prostate will feel uncomfortable when the massager makes contact with it. You'll know that feeling should you experience it. A prostate truly never becomes "numb". Too frequent or prolonged sessions can cause prostate discomfort. Back off a little should you feel that.
  • RipTheJackerRipTheJacker
    Posts: 240
    soreness and inflammation in the prostate can also give an ache in the perineum - the "taint" - as well as the nuts ...

    when it causes urethral discomfort for more than a very brief period ya gotta worry that ya may have some bacteria in there

    ... which bacterial presence can also set you up to more easily get some prostate soreness

    of course ya gotta be careful about how much pressure ya put on the gland ...

    like the rest of yer sexual apparatus it's pretty durable

    ... butt subject to abuse just like yer nuts and dick are

    - rip
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,834
    I think I've beat mine up twice in the last two years. Feeling was a 'dull' pain (rather than burning or sharp). there was no doubt in my mind where the center of paiin was. The dull pain went away with about 3 days of rest. Found it worrisome so continued the rest thru a whole week of no sessions.

    Observation and word to the wise: While raucous, rambunctious, and raunchy sessions can be a lot of fun, they can be injurious. There's plenty of muscle down there and I don't have to touch the handle to do harm, particularly when I bring my gluts into the game with something like Progasm or Vice. Unlike kidneys and lungs dame nature only gave us one prostate.

    Yes, Rip's pain in the perineum is a good indicator.
  • Wilder179Wilder179
    Posts: 13
    This is a old discussion but I'm hoping it will bring it up in the feeds.

    My story:

    I hardly use my Aneros in the year I've owned it. Only when I get feeling alittle creative once every 2 months we'll say. I've always been shy with it and never really got far except putting it in all the way and jerking myself to a slightly better orgasm. 

    3 days ago I was at work and strained a muscle near my groin, didn't know I did of course until the next day. But before that next day I had my second session in 2 days, I was on a roll and seemed to be getting somewhere for the first time. I found squatting on my bed the first night with the aneros P-tab end rubbing into the bed covers very stimulating.

    The next day is when I pulled the muscle and that night I had to have another round. I got alittle more confident and assumed the same position but this time I pushed the P-Tab that rests behind the balls into the skin as I was jerking with the full insertion.

    The pleasure was 2x the night before. No pain from it, just felt great. Went to bed and the next day my muscle in my leg near the groin was aching at work which is right outside the taint area in my right ass cheek. But as the day went on I started to zone in on the pain and noticed I had a slight discomfort going on in my taint/asshole area. It wasn't pain, just kinda felt like a had a bad bowl movement, as if it was mildly spasmed inside my tract.

    So I grew more paranoid and researched on google and it was all doom and gloom about the use of Aneros being lethal, and causing cancer. So now my enjoyable hobby has me scared to death that I may have damaged myself beyond repair or it will never be the same again. 

    3 Days have passed and tonight it seems to be a "hint" better. The discomfort is slowing down but I still feel like I need answers. Anyone shed some facts on how much damage can be caused or whether I need to go to outpatients? 

    NOTE: I have been peeing/pooping/ejaculating by hand normally. No blood or anything off.

    Kinda seems like when I jack off I get aroused quicker though, and I do kinda feel like I need to poop more without having to go (I think)

    Thanks for the help. 
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Please see my response in your duplicate thread posting.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 253
    Mine usually aches, albeit faintly.
  • JaxsunJaxsun
    Posts: 134
    I only experience prostate soreness after ejaculating with Helix or Eupho lasts at MOST 48 hrs. As a result, I will only ejaculate with Peridise...still have some soreness but not as much. 98% of the time I refrain from masturbation with Aneros in place to avoid this discomfort.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    There's no way you hurt yourself, wilder.  Give yourself a few days and you'll feel okay.  It's common for new users, actually even experienced uses, to feel some soreness if they've overdone it a bit in a session, like going longer than usual in a session with it in or having a powerful traditional orgasm and ejaculation with the Aneros in.  These things used correctly are good for prostate and sexual health and even help reduce or prevent hemorrhoids, besides feeling so good when you get the hang of how to have prostate orgasms with them.