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How do you tell when your prostate is sore?
  • thecandythecandy
    Posts: 15
    I was wondering if anyone knew how to tell when your prostate is sore. When I'm playing with my aneros, sometimes I feel like my prostate is glowing and under so much sensation (but still with little to none involuntary muscle twitches) that I'm not sure if its supposed to feel like that, or if it's just going numb because it is sore. How do you tell when your prostate is sore from too much massage?

    also, after i was unsuccessful in reaching super-o, i decided to just have a super-T. as i began stroking my shaft, it became complete flacid for a bit (9-10 seconds), then it came back up, but as I was stroking it erect now, i felt little pleasureable sensations like you would normal stroking, almost none. Now, after having the super-T orgasm, my buttock feels slightly tingly and numb, my prostate feels like its numb, too, and my penis has feeling stil, but i can't get it up without feeling a tightness in my prostate, and causing the penis to nto be able to become erect. any info or help please?
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 535
    A tender prostate will feel uncomfortable when the massager makes contact with it. You'll know that feeling should you experience it. A prostate truly never becomes "numb". Too frequent or prolonged sessions can cause prostate discomfort. Back off a little should you feel that.
  • RipTheJackerRipTheJacker
    Posts: 240
    soreness and inflammation in the prostate can also give an ache in the perineum - the "taint" - as well as the nuts ...

    when it causes urethral discomfort for more than a very brief period ya gotta worry that ya may have some bacteria in there

    ... which bacterial presence can also set you up to more easily get some prostate soreness

    of course ya gotta be careful about how much pressure ya put on the gland ...

    like the rest of yer sexual apparatus it's pretty durable

    ... butt subject to abuse just like yer nuts and dick are

    - rip
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,717
    I think I've beat mine up twice in the last two years. Feeling was a 'dull' pain (rather than burning or sharp). there was no doubt in my mind where the center of paiin was. The dull pain went away with about 3 days of rest. Found it worrisome so continued the rest thru a whole week of no sessions.

    Observation and word to the wise: While raucous, rambunctious, and raunchy sessions can be a lot of fun, they can be injurious. There's plenty of muscle down there and I don't have to touch the handle to do harm, particularly when I bring my gluts into the game with something like Progasm or Vice. Unlike kidneys and lungs dame nature only gave us one prostate.

    Yes, Rip's pain in the perineum is a good indicator.