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it FINALLY happend for me.
  • okay i just haveto share this. all my life ive "suffered" from a more than stubren ejaculaion being i haveto be on my back and tense sertan muscles or its NOT going to happen. ive been humiliated as a young teenager about sex because well. i would get bored, and insecure. wuld end up not being able to preform and so on. ive tryed everything in the past even waiting a week which is well a stupid long tme to wait and even then nothing. i mean its not like theres a lack if i do it my way i can do it 3 times a day yeah its exausting but point proven. anyhow ive been working on just relaxing i got the anero cds and just relax play around and just enjoy it. ive been working m butt off alot recently so i couldnt have a session of any type for 3 days now. todays session was way out of standard for me. i put my tape on layed in bed and have about 4 or 5 of those "oh shit im going to cum" moments which i usually get but not this potent. so i decided to have fun with my fleshlight hooked it up on my bed between the matress and didnt do anything crazy just nice n easy and within a couple mins it hit me like wtf im going to cum? oh crap im cumin NEVER EVER EVER has this happendto me and when it was over i sware a HUGE weight instanty lifted off my shoulders and i just smiled. stll am now im just praying it wasnt a fluke ...

    thanks for taking the time to read this. if anyone has any advice or techniques to make cuming or anero sessions smoother id love to hear them.
  • oh yeah and i'd like some imput and advice on how to trigure those prostate orgasms. i can always batter up but when the pitch is thrown i always freeze up. do i swing for the fences "spaz out" or do i just bunt it?.