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I did it!
  • odrodr
    Posts: 3
    After many 'on and off' failed attempts, I finally achieved countless, multiple, fully body prostate orgasms and a super-O in my last session.

    I want to say thank you so much to the creators, it was the most amazing session that I could have possibly imagined. Also, anyone who doesn't believe the hype or is struggling to achieve anything; it is very true and keep trying - I had almost given up but I sooo glad I didn't.

    I'm so looking forward to experimenting with different models and positions in the future. I was using a MGX and I achieved multiple orgasms on my back and the super-O when I turned over onto my stomach (My entire body was violently shaking and spasming during all of them). Does anyone have any tips for good positions to highten the orgasms. I'm pretty sure that I achieved the super-O but I have a feeling that they might be able to get longer and even stronger!
  • Good for you. I hope to some day repeat your experience and I won't give up either. I have been attempting several times a day and each time I feel better and better. Best of luck with your newly found skills. Notsogood
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    Congrats Odr!! Here's to many more wonderful experiences!