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advanced to the school of MGX
  • Well guys I made it this far! After 6 weeks of use with the peridise and learnt a lot from that, particularly relaxing about having something foreign up there, I went ahead and revisted the MGX!

    Ok wow, first out the gate, I held a medium contraction for about 20 seconds and all hell broke loose, my muscles went into overdrive, relaxed and went again, carried on for 5 mins, had to stop as started to feel strained muscles.

    man this thing beats you up! I think I will take this baby for a ride slowly and every now and again, my body needs recovery time from the muscles spasms.

    Sitting here feeling very relaxed after my session.

    One question for the experienced users - the muscles strain feeling I get afterwards, does this ease as your body strengthens to the contractions?
  • Oh I should add - So thats what my wife feels when she has an O!!

    I am so glad I stuck with it and also went for the peradise first, if anyone is feeling nervous about these things go for the peradise to get yourself used to this sort of thing, I dont think i would of gone into overdrive on my first hit if it was not for that.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 874
    Congrats, sittingonagolfball!

    Great to hear you've made up onto the first big step.

    As for muscle strain and resulting pains, I've never experienced those from Aneros use (tennis, yes). Prostate ache is another story. If I don't turn off the Vice vibe in time during intercourse, it will stimulate contractions to the point where my prostate takes a beating. Then, a day's break from Aneros use lets it recover.

    I suggest you wait until all the pain is gone, plus at least one more day before having the next session.

    Best Regards,

  • oh for sure, I only plan to use this at most twice a week.

    I cant say it was pain, more strain, like muscles being stretched, possibly too strong a contraction, in fact I would say it was a positive feeling as if muscles not used to being used to such an extent.

    Looking forward to a more romantic session with wife later this week ;)