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Warning: Don't use factory-lubricated condoms on VICE
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 876
    Hello, all.

    Chronos' post about his Vice deteriorating was puzzling until I remembered that some guys use a condom on their Aneros devices. Unfortunately, many condoms are pre-lubricated with silicone. While Trojan* and others do not list their ingredients, knowledgeable researchers have looked into it. Here's a quote from

    "The lubrication on condoms varies. Some condoms are not lubricated at all, some are lubricated with a silicone substance, and some condoms have a water-based lubricant."

    I have no idea if silicone-lubed condoms were the cause of Chrono's problem, but if you own a Vice and want to use a condom on it, I suggest you use a non-lubricated type and add your own non-silicone lube to it.



    * The "Ultrasmooth™ Premium Lubricant" on and in certain Trojan products appears to be, and feels like silicone lube.