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Did I have a Super-O?
  • I'm new to posting. I had an incredible experience last night. I wrote about it in "My First Super Orgasm" thread, post #127. Please read it and tell me if that sounds like a Super-O. Any and all suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,257

    [QUOTE=MultiOrgasmMan;97571]I looked around and found my aneros classic (do they still make those?).Yes, that model is still being made but it is only available as part of the Volcano PakI started with incredible orgasms that were nonstop and coming very fast. It kept going for about a half an hour.Multiple orgasms for 30 minutes sounds pretty Super to me. When has a traditional ejaculatory orgasm ever lasted more than 30 seconds much less 30 minutes?I was pretty tired after that but still very turned on. I started slowing down my breathing and started to stop shaking. I layer there for about 5 minutes. I made one voluntary contraction and I was off to the races again. It felt great!! I was writhing and coming nonstop for another hour and a half. It was at least a few hundred if not more. Sometimes the peaks would happen 4 to 5 times a minute, other times I would stay in a nonstop orgasmic state for minutes at a time."...a few hundred" involuntary contractions sounds pretty Super Orgasmic as well.My question is, was what I had a Super O or was it something else since I didn't/ couldn't relax or slow down. Only you can assign the term Super-O to your experience but from your descriptions, IMHO, it fits the parameters of the Aneros WIKI definition of a Super-O , I'd certainly consider it a Super-O.