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Ever backout during a Super-O?
  • View Poll Results: Have you ever backed out during a Super-O? Voters: 11

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    Yes 2 18.18%

    No 9 81.82%

  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 853
    I have had two sessions where I lost consciousness very briefly, but never completely backed out.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888

    I voted "No" because the brief lapses I've experienced were all "white-outs." The most memorable one occurred while I was driving on the Interstate in heavy traffic at 80 MPH. That taught me a lesson about Aneros and driving that I won't forget anytime soon.


  • mogmog
    Posts: 183
    Hi Bish..:p

    >Ever blacked out during a super-O?<<br />
    Yes I've done that a few times. But although some might possibly be envious of that I find that it's not a particularly exciting event, for me at least. See a blog entry of mine over at the KSMO forum.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    I voted "no" because I've not 'blacked out' in the classic sense as when the visual center ceases to register the presence of light due to brain hypoxia--due to decompression or pulling excess 'g's. I have though, during Aneros sessions, suffered sharply reduced visual acuity related to heavy brain and cardio-vascular stimulation without actual orgasm.

    Early in my Aneros journey I would have overpowering visual images and/or epilepsy-like jaw clenches and loud rushes of sound during orgasmic 'near misses' following attempts to force myself into orgasm through breath pauses or extreme core muscle flexing. Those were habits I brought into my early Aneros practice from "in-wired" masturbatory and sexual practices.

    I now get some visuals when I split a session, building gradual arousal into what the forum seems to be calling an "o-zone" during the first half session, then pausing for perhaps an hour. Then, building a second half session. During the break, I'll experience scotomas and images, usually in my peripheral vision. Pleasureful Dry Orgasm with it's own visual sensations seems to wipe the slate clean.

    Since age 24 I've had spontaneous events of Cortical Spreading Depression or Migraine Aura (without any pain). While some guys have orgasmic Migraine with pain, I've been quite fortunate and have never had a headache connected with sexual arousal or orgasm.

    Recently, my thinking is that Orgasm is a healthy, housekeeping activity for one's brain. As long as I have more than two or three orgasms a month, I seem to have no sponteneous CSD events. If I don't orgasm for a week or two then I'll undergo a CSD event that will block clear vision with scintillating scotomas for 20-22 minutes then leave me feeling listless for an hour or two after it's done.

    It's my near-misses (exteme arousal without orgasm) that are bad news visually for me.

    So, there may be a strong mental-health case for the practice of wet finishing when there is no Super-O.
  • Blown MindBlown Mind
    Posts: 43
    OMG. LOL. I thought you really meant "backed out". As a matter of fact I did, the first strong sensations toward a Super-O scared the snot outta me and I came to a halt.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    Light headed often, but not blacked out.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 853
    Oh yeah, blacked out! Ha! Sorry!
  • J2_0J2_0
    Posts: 23
    No, but the violent convulsions of my entire body with the use of the Progasm makes me glad I am in bed when it takes over. I am certain if I had the Super-O standing up that I could not stay on my feet :)
  • logiklogik
    Posts: 48
    I've never fully blacked out but I have had tunnel vision briefly during a Super due to all my core muscles tightening which made me semi-hyperventilate.
  • I've never had any kind of "convulsions" when I do an Aneros session. i'm usually very relaxed. it get lower body/legs shaking and upper body tingles, lot's of mini O's and blissful super-O's, so over all I get what I think some have described as "calm seas" orgasms and "super orgasms". never had the whole body "convulsions" thing happen...

    don't know if i want that to happen either...