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Journey after one year...Good vibrations!
  • Hey Everyone,

    23 year old gay guy here. I've been using the Aneros for about a year (removed the handle--it's a nuisance). No super-O yet, but I've had fun trying ;). My body started responding to the Aneros about a month or two after starting to use it, and now I think I'm having dry, low-intensity orgasms with it. I used it a few weeks ago after working out at the gym (came home sweaty and horny hehe) and had a really great session. I started having really great feelings down there, with heavy breathing and eventually I began to draw the Aneros in and out very quickly while "air humping" and moaning a bit...I've had this happen before, but this was the most intense I've felt it.

    This past week, I didn't have access to my Aneros, so I decided to see what would happen if I had a session without it, but still pretending like it was there. After some deep breathing ("down" into my stomach) and light anal contractions, I started leaking a lot of pre-cum, and felt really pleasant sensations throughout my body. I've felt this with the Aneros inserted, but never this early on in the session. I started massaging my torso with my blanket and playing with my nipples (which feels awesome, by the way) and I started breathing very heavily and feeling really great all over, while having much stronger contractions (similar to my session after going to the gym). I got really excited that I could have this without the Aneros even in, and for the next few days, I practiced this, and sure enough each time I started getting really pleasurable feeling radiating from my pelvis, with lots of leaking.

    Today, I decided to see what would happen if I started off without the Aneros, breathing deeply and doing light contractions and then eventually popped the Aneros in. Same thing happened-- I started leaking without the Aneros, and felt really great all over. I put the Aneros in, and almost instantly started having much stronger "involuntary" contractions. It felt even better to breathe deeper, although it wasn't substantially more pleasurable than I felt before putting in the Aneros. After a minute or so, the strong contractions stopped. I've read that these involuntary contractions are often the start of a super-O, and I was wondering how you keep them going.

    Has anyone had an experience similar to mine? Would love to know.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 862
    Read about non-aneros sessions, never had one. Sounds like you are a pro! ;)
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 889
    Hello, stapler.

    Congrats on getting the anerosless thing going!

    You're right about involuntary contractions being a big step towards Super-Os. When I first started getting involuntary contractions, as soon as I focused on them they would stop. It was almost like they were shy about attention.

    Here's the solution I used. Try not to think about what's happening "down there." Feel without intellectualizing. Get to where you have sensations but no thoughts about them. Sure, does sounds like mystic gibberish. It's a Zen/Yoga technique that helps prevent your brain from thinking and interfering with you body's doing.

    Best wishes for continuing success,