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Virtual tremors and virtual twitches during orgasm
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,754
    Perhaps this is routine to some members of the Forum but I've not heard of this before:

    Last Saturday morning and again this Saturday I experienced very similar lower-leg and forearm tremor and twitching that was just felt but not physically observable. To express it differently, these appear to have been false kinesthetic sensations of tendon/muscle/joint/limb movement without any corresponding motor functon or actual movement of the limb or muscle. The feeling was that the movements were large enough to have moved the limbs several inches.

    The orgasm surrounding these sensations is distinct, pleasurable and rather whole-body. It's not as intense as other whole-body orgasms and is far from what I'd call a Super-O. This morning I had three of these orgasms, each lasting about 10-15 seconds. I was able to regenerate them within 30-45 seconds. Trigger was prostate for all three, each starting from a set of very small voluntary contractions which went involuntary then spread quickly to my limbs. Propagation outward to the affected body parts was first tremor then twitching. Before the first orgasm I had the feeling of warm ab contractions but didn't feel my skin moving against the bedding.

    This happened during early morning (4 to 5 a.m.) Eupho sessions. Within each orgasm, the onset tremor is about 3 or 4 cycles per second and lated perhaps 3 seconds and the following false feelings of twitches or pulses were about half that rate. When I mentally focused on the area of the action, I visualized the internal bone or cartiledge as a pale-gray dull-aluminum color.

    My hunch is this is a sort of like g-u centered dry-O -- feeling that something muscular is happening even though it isn't

    Anyone else getting virtual tremor in the extremities without body movement?