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Are Aneros users versatile sexually?
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 867
    Hello, all.

    I recently read a survey on the Web that sought to determine whether gay men were mainly "tops" or "bottoms." The results indicated that most were "versatile." While a gay man may have a preference for top or bottom when he identifies as versatile, he could go either way. The study is here:

    Beyond Tops and Bottoms: Correlations between Sex-Role Preferences and Physical Preferences for Partners among Gay Men

    That made me think that perhaps most men, including straight guys, are by nature versatile. While most straight men would probably say they were tops if asked, most might also enjoy the passive role, given the opportunity with a woman who was inclined to be a top.

    Just a thought.


  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087
    Tops, sides, bottoms....all of the above! How's that for versatile?

    BF Mayfield
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    "Sides" requires a longer than average member does it not? That rules me out!

    I'm quite happy with tops or bottoms but tops is better. Gives me more control and less likely to slip out.

    I'm straight BTW!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks Dave!! :D :D Great BF and Pommie!! :D :D

    This is a key question IMHO. It seems quite apparent that aneros practice opens that world of possibility to every male who chooses to try it. Each male's background, biology and beliefs will effect and affect their responses. It takes the courage of quiet vulnerable relaxed receptive openness for the most efficacious pathways here to work and work sustainably well. No getting around it, is there?

    Either the migration of the male G-spot tissues from near the opening of the urethra to the outside world (in females) to near the opening of the urethra into the bladder (in males) was an evil act of the devil, or a divine gift of the maker, to use the religious framework of some. From a natural evolutionary perspective, did that move happen randomly and stick around to no good purpose, or is it a random trial that found a purpose and has expanded its capacities by serving a positive purpose or range of purposes, since nature is nothing if not both economically minimalist, and versatile.

    The placement of the male implementation of the G-spot tissues, this highly versatile source of power, (triggering ejaculation etc), pleasures (unbounded!!) and ecstatic healing energetics (Tantra and Taoist traditions of centuries) where access is perhaps the most problematic, at least from a mainstream 20th century western cultural perspective, and seemingly sanitarily, seems a curious and easily disparaged choice. Until you see that the rectum is not a simple continuation of the gastric tube, butt a specialized manager of what passes and when, as well as a being a clean processor and nerve rich centre itself of the now recognized Gut or Southern Brain.

    And that rectum seems to easily facilitate incoming traffic for both specialized digestive and other purposes, including the needs of its neighbour abutting; this male G-spot tissue. Well that seems to eliminate the elimination illusion issue, with a few good health habits. So, now what's not to be versatile.

    I have been hetero-versatile since 13. From 17-19 I experimented with homo-versatile and enjoyed the physicality, butt other things soon tired the whole thing, and in that experiment (with n=1), it didn't do the great things my solo prostate massaging could do.

    In my four, now into five years with this practice, I have learned a lot more, from both my body/mind and this astounding community!! More recently, how to integrate the feelings, thoughts, sensations from my aneros sessions, and KSMO and other explorations, with both my whole relationship and sexual practices with my dear wife of 41+ years, and my own expanding solo experiences.

    These include the energies exchanging experiments here over the past year with several fellow Anerosians so inclined to see how far these phenomena can extend. Having crossed over into the healing mode with these energies so surprisingly and so successfully, there is no doubt whatever that they are real, if the open energies connection between individuals is sincere and fully felt. I am now at Level 3 with the SFQ healing techniques, and they work reliably.

    So, IMHO, it is the full deep acceptance of the gift of versatility that the male prostate gland and all its whole body/mind collaborative tissues/consciousness, opened here by a health device that surprised thousands of men to date, that enables all these enhanced whole male ways of fully being in the world/universe/multiverse. That is an almost unlimited new versatility in living, sharing, helping and advancing all. Joyfully, elevated in regenerative bliss energies, whatever the circumstances.

    all the best as each one of us explores our own fullness of being and the versatility of the whole man all