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Aromas, Arousal, Aromatherapy and Aneros
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Well men and our women members too of course!!

    A couple of weeks ago in the weekend chats here, a group of us found ourselves suddenly talking about the power of scents and their importance in memories, memory formation and recall, as well as triggers for the imagination!

    So what role do scents play in your life, your arousal patterns, your memories and imagination???

    Some examples to follow shortly. In the meantime, what's your sense of scents???

    all the very best aromatic erotomatics and energetic orgasmic ecstatic scents and sensibilities al

  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 874
    Hello, art.

    I remember that chat session. Very interesting. My wife's perfume turns me on from across the room. I think it's called "Obsession."

    And then, every time I open a can of Tuna fish it makes me think of sex. :)


  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,092
    The most direct route to the brain is through the nose. Odor information is processed in areas of the cortex and the amygdala and stored in limbic system and hippocampus. Little wonder therefore that aromas can trigger, memories, emotions and states of arousal. We are all, in one sense or another, led around by our noses. The olfactory sense is an essential means of processing the world around us. It is also linked to our ability to taste. My olfactory sense has always been very keenly tuned. As it concerns arousal, there are a great many aromas that have an arousing affect upon me. As I have matured I have been able to identify more erotic stimuli. Ironically some of these things are almost mundane. Nonetheless they have a profound affect upon me. Fresh fruit, apple pie (right out of the oven), amazing stuff. I know that many will have trouble believing this but I actually had an orgasm from the aroma apple pies! It was really as simple as realizing that it was an intensely pleasant stimuli to me and channeling the energy that resulted from it in a certain way....and off I went.

    I remember a time some years ago when I stopped by the roadside out in the country to pick wild blackberries. Having no bag to put them in we placed them inside an old hub cap. Driving home I was struck with the florid sweetness wafting through the car, it was positively intoxicating! For some reason it reminded me of an old girlfriend. Her personal smell had a fruity component to it that was very similar. This is how aromas are....eternally tagged with memories. (Btw. store bought blackberries don't have it.....must be fresh picked, wild or homegrown).

    I tend to feel assaulted by most commercially prepared scents: too strong, too sweet and generally nauseating. So intense at times that people's smells seem precede them...sometimes by city blocks, lol. The worst of these is Opium. I am convinced that this scent was designed for women who have lost their sense of smell. As far as I'm's an olfactory emetic!

    With regard to a woman's vaginal scent, the obligatory tuna fish comment aside, it is without a doubt the most arousing aroma that exists. A healthy vagina has a musky, earthy, animal fragrance that is positively magical. Certainly there is a biochemical basis for this (the presence of pheromones), but there is also the simple fact that most heterosexual males have neurally tagged the aroma of a vagina with sex, for most of us... it IS the smell of sex!

    BF Mayfield

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    While the scent generated by females is obviously the most powerful aromatic sex stimulant and has been made available in limited quantities, the cost and availability may be problematic for many of us. I was fortunate to be able to catch a portion of the discussion which took place in the weekend Chat a couple of weeks ago. As I recall you and 'rikaaim' were talking about the use of essential oils as additional tools for erotic arousal. I'm sure other members, beside myself, would be interested in knowing which natural scents are effective arousal stimulants and where one might go to purchase them. It seems to me that peppermint and lavender were mentioned, I have also heard of vanilla and licorice (for women), perhaps you and 'rikaaim' could establish a list of sensual scents, in addition to the above listed blackberries and apple pie, the rest of us can experiment with.
  • Many kudos to Rumel first and foremost for directing me to this thread. I was also much enthralled in the discussion B. Mayfield, Artform, Rumel, and myself had a few weeks ago in open chat. I would also like to add that open chat is a great way to have a meeting of the minds for any new member that has questions or just wishes to know the community better. Never feel shy to open up and share thoughts or opinions. Some of the greatest conversations and revelations come from the spontaneous nature of a live chat. Please feel most welcome to add valuable input and insight.

    I've recently been taking hot bubble baths with eucalyptus and spearmint oil. The relaxing combination puts me in a mental state of ease. I find in this sense, I am much more able to be aroused. I want to make that distinct from saying that I get aroused. I feel my senses become more alive as my stress and worries melt away. The tingle of the bubbles then start to stimulate my soothing skin. It's when I hit this state that I begin to soak in the scent of the spearmint and eucalyptus. I have to admit, this scent will carry even further weight after a very enjoyable bath/shower with my girlfriend the other night. We shared some very strong orgasmic energies after I prepared a bubble bath using my Bath and Body works bath salts and oil. She melted right into the power of the scent and became very aroused, which in turn aroused me a great deal. The end of the shower was one of the most memorable expriences I've had with a partner. Before I stepped into the tub, she kept smelling deeply the aroma of the bottles. I could tell she was enjoying a great physiological sensation.

    I myself have felt an awakening of the senses as well. I've always had a strong affection for the mints. I'm also finding that more earthy scents, like the eucalyptus, have a similar effect. I am becoming more aware of scent in terms of erotic sensation. As such, I am still learning a great deal about this olfactory arousal. I've not been one to really rely on my sense of smell much, but I am learning to fully embrace such a wonderful feeling! I have always been cautious to add aromas to my arousal arsenal as many fragrances cause me to have genuine allergic reactions. As a note of well being, for any member interested in using scented oils or the like, please use a small test sample and watch for allergic reactions. Jumping into a tub full of material that might cause one to develop a rash all over the body would not be fun nor arousing! With that public safety anouncement aside, I would like to thank B. Mayfield for the phisiological pathway of the sense of smell. Indeed it is the most directly connected sense to the brain and the most unihibited one!

    I know in the future I will add oils and scents to my enjoyment for a long time to come. The beautiful thing about bath oils in particular is that the oil stays on the skin keeping it hydrated. In the very permeable and sensitive skin of the penis and scrotum, the sensation of any of the mints can be quite cooling and appealing. With the nature of the substance being an oil, I have found that it stays on the skin well enough that it is not too overpowering and therefore uncomfortable.

    One great suggestion that was giving during that chat, that perhaps I missed here, was to add such scented oils in small quantities to any of the homemade lubs, in particular the butters, to give a wonderful scented lube that lasts all ANEROS session long! I am a big advocate of the mints, but like B. Mayfield, enjoy many of the fruited scents as well. As far as a list of arousing scents, for me mint may be a bit obvious at this point :P, but I also find that I like a fresh rain type scent (this is associated with some great outdoor fun that I've had), vanilla really excites me, patchouli is another scent I enjoy, and cucumber. Cucumber has a special personal meaning to me. That particular scent may not be for everyone. On the whole though, these scents carry a strong enough appeal that they bring me two essential prerequisites before arousal can be induced. First, I become relaxed, and second in this state of relaxion I become happy and therefore more aware of my body and less aware of my stress.
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    I always thought that the smell of smegma was a fantastically erotic smell.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi hula!! :D :D

    How are you?

    [QUOTE=hula;97390]I always thought that the smell of smegma was a fantastically erotic smell.

    Being cut and having not been in the presence of an uncut guy, how would you describe this smegma aroma?

    Then there is the fact that we males do not usually sense an aroma much from our semen, while females (mothers, wives, housekeepers) smell semen strongly, or so the literature says... Much more easily detected than we might think!

    One of the curious temporary side effects of my aneros practice, was a period of a few months when I was suddenly strongly attracted to my own unvarnished armpits and their aromas. Seems to have passed. Neutral now rather than mildly unpleasant. Anybody?

    all the most aware sense of smell all direct to the brainers all

  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 756
    Smells very much like toejam. Seriously. The same pungent odor.

    So, imagine every time you handle your willie, your hands smell like you've been cleaning out your toenails.
  • guys with smegma fetishes are IMO a bit more bent than the average pervert ...

    just like guys who like a fishy-smelling vagina

    ... nothing smells or tastes better than a clean healthy pussy - a bit musky and sloppy wet from arousal and anticipation ...

    of getting pleasured by her lover his mouth nose tongue fingers and hard cock

    ... and the instinctual desire of the species to be filled with the hot seed of her man

    mebbe aneros helps us glimpse the pleasure of internal fullness that women crave

    - rip

    p.s. our dad somehow let me and my brother know at puberty that clean dicks get more head!
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    Hi, artform. All is well. Smegma, to me, smells very erotic. It sort of smells like a nutty odor, similar to walnut oil.. It does not smell like toejam, unless you have an infection of some sort. Sadly, along with a lot of other things, with aging it goes away.
  • hydrogenhydrogen
    Posts: 115
    The smell of smegma is indeed the best. I used to collect the Smegma from a girl after I perform oral sex on her. I just secretly pocketed her clean up tissue papers. I kept them in a plastic bag.

    The smegma from my uncut tool isn't bad if it's fresh. Without showering for a few days, the smell could be worse than toejam.

    I'm looking for a suitable scent for my session. I heard musk was used by some Chinese Taoists in the old days. I wonder where I can get some real ones.