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information please
  • amiljimeamiljime
    Posts: 1
    because when I use the aneros not have an erection? 'm beginner
    I see some videos that have to enter the aneros erection.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087
    It is not necessary to have an erection when using the Aneros. Some people experience erections in their Aneros sessions, others do not. As you are new to the forum I strongly urge you to read the New to the Forums: Start HERE thread. This thread contains essential information for new Aneros users.

    BF Mayfield
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,421

    Welcome to the Aneros Forums, your best source of information for learning about the multiple benefits and joys of using the Aneros prostate massagers. I second 'B Mayfield's recommendation, there is a wealth of information to be obtained on this website. In response to your specific question, please read the Misconceptions section of the Aneros WIKI and perhaps read many of the other informative sections as well. I am confident you will find some information which will aid and hasten the amazing journey upon which you have embarked.

    IMHO, it is important for us to remember the fact the adventurous men who have recorded themselves and posted the various videos do so because they know they have distinctly active sessions and wish to demonstrate that fact to others. This should not be interpreted as the "norm" or "average" for Aneros users. It is far more likely your Anerosessions will be much more subdued, more in accord with how your body reacts in a traditional ejaculatory response. You may experience some similar full body muscle tremors and/or erectile states as in the videos but don't be surprised or disappointed if you don't. Your body will have its own unique response and pattern to the Aneros experience, I hope you can allow the journey to unfold for you with a sense of awe and mystery for the individual you are. Your Aneros may be viewed as the vehicle you ride but the personal pleasure you experience is the 'scenery' of the journey.