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new to the club
  • I had seen the Aneros website a while back and was skeptical to say the least-- but the testimonials are pretty compelling and fun to read. So anyway found myself back on the website and this time I thought what's 70 bucks why not see for myself. I ordered the MGX.

    Well I have never explored this region before, except when I visit my doctor, so it was a bit uncomfortable the first couple of times. The third it was what a women must feel like when she almost reaches orgasm -- a pleasant kind of frustration..... if I'm right on that it explains a lot of other things in my life....... but thats another post...

    Today I got home from work early before my wife so I thought I give it another try. So I lubed what I pretend isn't a little dick but looks exactly like a little dick and slid it in. I laid down on the bed and started thinking about the things I like to think about. As I pull the MGX into me my thighs contracted and quivered. At first I was pretty sure I was in contol of this but pretty quickly I realize I'm contracting involuntarily. This goes on for maybe 30-40 seconds. Then it stops. Then it starts up again but with an intensity I've never experienced. Like somone what jerking me around. I flipped on my stomach and my entire body was contracting. I was literally flopping around in intense pleasure and moaning like an animal. This went on for a considerable period. I was covered in sweat and my muscles were contracting with a will of their own. Then I realized as this was going on I was having a similutious regular orgasm. It was mind blowing. Over the next 40 minutes I had a number of smaller -- I guess these are dry orgasms. And three major ones like the first but without the typical orgasm. Finally I literally couldn't take it anymore and took it out. I'm pretty sure it called me it's bitch.

    A couple of questions to those of you with more experience:

    Is it typical that the first major orgasm in a session is accompanied by a regular orgasm? I swear I didn't touch it. I have never felt such intense pleasure.

    Once you achieve this is it pretty much a done deal it will continue to happen? Or are there more periods where it doesn't happen?
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 870
    Hello, treadmill.

    Welcome to the Forum and a big congrats on your first super-O!

    Getting there in 4 sessions is exceptional -- took me about 14. For many of us, once you've experienced the big one, you can be sure it will happen again and again, but maybe not the next time you have a session. While they have been consistent and reliable for me, a lot of guys report that after one big bang it takes weeks to get to the next one, or longer. In any case, don't be discouraged if your next session is not as great as the one you just had. The intensity varies as does the duration.

    Best Regards,



    I forgot to mention that having a wet-O during a session is a hit or miss thing. I generally have them in a session with my wife, but rarely solo. Whatever you do, try not to expect anything.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    Congratulations on your first Super O session, sounds like a real corker! On your question about the "regular orgasm", I assume you mean an ejaculation (often referred to as a traditional orgasm around here)? No I wouldn't say that it's typical for a traditional orgasm to follow a Super O, but I have seen reports of it in the past. If it's a conscious decision to have an ejaculation immediately following an orgasm, that's another matter. That said, don't let that be your was your experience and the idea that it was followed by numerous non-ejaculatory orgasms sounds absolutely delightful to me. It appears that you had an experience of great depth and variety, I'd say it a cause for celebration.

    On your second question about whether this establishes the response as a "done deal", the answer is, it depends on you. For some it does occur this way, where the initial session of discovery ushers in a solid connection to the Super O. For others it is quite different, with periods of starts and stops. My path began with a Super O right off the bat. I had a second session that was very similar to the first several days afterward. After that however, I was unable to access the response at all for almost six months.! It was during this time that I learned a lot about my body and non-ejaculatory ) MMO path. Accept whatever comes your way and things will reveal themselves to you.

    BF Mayfield
  • Dave / BF

    Thanks for your replies -- I appreciate the information. Treadmill
  • damn treadmill ...

    it took me 4 months of regular sessions

    - rip